Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mr. Floofy

 Hello world!! 

It's been a long time, way overdue for a post - yikes! 

I'll try to update you on all our happenings - one cat at a time. 

Mr. Floofy has had some health challenges. His arthritis in his back is getting worse, making it more difficult for him to jump. We are still working on getting his diabetes regulated. That has been quite the long journey. He's been inappropriately peeing all over, especially on the human bed. Thus we now have a blanket of pee pads on the bed and a waterproof blanket under those pee pads. Some of his peeing is territorial marking and some might be neuropathy.  He's also been bullying Oliver something awful.

I've tried so many things to get him to pee in the litter box. Recently we started him on a little fluoxetine and some gabapentin and it might be helping - paws crossed!

Nahum has definitively been more cuddly. He insists on a nightly cuddle - of course I don't mind that one bit unless he pees while on top of me, that is no joy.

That's a waterproof (pee-proof) blanket on the couch too!

A dog?? Yes, my 84 year old father and his large dog, Nikki, moved in with us at the end of August. Dad and Nikki live downstairs and all the cats are sequestered upstairs. Occasionally a cat gets to go on a supervised walkabout downstairs. After a very slow introduction, we learned that Nikki is curious about the cats, and very cautious around them. The cats pretty much ignore her unless she pokes her nose towards them, then she gets lots of hisses and she backs away. I love seeing the cats put her in her place! We don't let the cats roam freely as they could easily trip dad up.

This past spring and summer was basically completely occupied with getting dad's house ready to sell and then moving his stuff out. It was a tremendous amount of work and I'm very thankful that work is done.


  1. You are the best of pet parents. I am so pleased to see a blog from you today. I have thought of you and the cats many many times. I can understand why it is so hard to find the time to blog. I am glad you found the time today. Always and always hoping to hear how things are with you and the fur family.

  2. Oh gosh, peeing on the bed is the biggest sign of kitty anxiety ever! If I had to guess, I'd say the answer is in your last picture. I do hope you get it all worked out, good luck to you and the kitties <3

  3. A cat peeing on you is no fun, but poor Nahum!
    Hope you hit upon the correct combo of things soon, so he can relax that bladder.
    Hope that your dad is enjoying his new home.

  4. I have been peed on too- no fun indeed. I hope he feels better soon.

  5. veree nice two meet ewe nikki; ewe R a veree prette pup

    nice ta see a post guyz; we send st francis' healthee blessingz two one N all ♥♥♥

  6. So good to see an update from all of you.
    Maybe some of Mr. Floofy's peeing is caused by some of his back pain. Hope you can find solutions that helps everyone. As your Dad and Nikki get settled in, some things brought on by the changes may settle down too. Purrs.

  7. It's nice to hear from you and I hope that peeing problem goes away soon, there's some good observations in the comments.

  8. Purrs and good wishes from Tristan, Lily, Elvie, Ginja, Kobi and Zena - the gang in the Quebec, Canada.


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