Tuesday, September 14, 2010

flower snack

I knew Nahum loves lettuce, but I wasn't sure about flowers. Now I know, flowers are like lettuce, super-yummies-must-have!!

Laura had brought home some colorful gerber daisies which Nahum immediately had to check out and then eat. With lettuce and other leafy things, he gets like Theo does with food, all hyperfixated and there is no distracting him.

After making sure they are safe for cats, I sacrificed a daisy thinking he might not like the taste and would give it this passion. It didn't work, he plucked all the pedals off and ate them up. Then he wanted more! So much for that theory.

Bummer, another item to add to the list of fun things we can't have because of the cats: candles, plants, and flowers.

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