Monday, September 13, 2010

lessons learned

My friend, Lisa, recently gave me a bunch of fun little cat books. One of them was this little gem, All I Need to Know I Learned From My Cat (And Then Some): Double-Platinum Collector's Edition by Suzy Becker.

This books is awesome! It starts with a hilarious quiz to determine if you are a cat person. I wish I could include some of the frames from the quiz because it nails the characteristics of the crazy cat person. The book is a collection of simple cat sketches and tidbits of wisdom that Suzy Becker had learned from her cat, Binky. lets you see a few of the pages from inside the book from an earlier edition, which can be found at this link: All I Need to Know I Learned from My Cat

As I read it I realized there have been many lessons my cats have taught me. Here are a few:
  • always be curious
  • don't be afraid to take risks
  • don't be afraid to ask for what you want
  • play like no one's watching
  • new perspectives can be helpful
  • never underestimate the power of a snuggle
  • delegate the hard work to others
  • never pass up a cozy spot
  • never pee or poop near your food
  • purr more than you hiss
  • be able to entertain yourself
  • take pride in your work
  • discover the fun within every box
  • baths are more fun when taken with others
  • it's ok to get your crazies on
  • always explore
  • stay warm
  • you need not always be consistent
  • routines can be advantageous
  • always choose your battles carefully
  • don't be afraid to push the boundaries
  • there's nothing wrong with cleaning out your friend's ear
  • indulge yourself with treats
  • you can never get too many treats 
  • you get more loves when you bathe daily
  • a treat chaser always makes the medicine go down better
  • always insist on fresh water
  • live free of shame
  • be generous with your love
  • leap high to reach your goals
  • be festideous when using the bathroom
  • a little brushing can do wonders for one's appearance
  • clearly communicate your displeasure
  • cute can come at any size
  • don't be afraid to play in the night
  • it's ok to be goofy
  • know when to not take yourself too seriously
  • persistence often pays off
  • don't be afraid to fully use your senses
  • know your space well
  • don't hold back from putting your unique mark on your space
  • at times it can be advantageous to let others believe they are really in control
  • adding a little drama to a routine action makes life more interesting
  • make time to play everyday

And the list could go on...

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