Saturday, September 18, 2010

the next day

The new little kitty ate all her food and drank her water. In the morning, she was still huddled in her small box. She was more amenable to being petted. She hung out in my lap for a bit and after some time she began to softly purr.

I don't have any previous experience with kittens, so I can't compare this little one to others. She seems small, soft, boney and scared. I was pleased she let me love on her, she even turned her head for better cheek-scratchies! She almost rolled over for tummy rubs!

Now comes wrestling with the choice of what to do with her, that's the part that makes me uneasy. If she is healthy I am sure she would get adopted from the shelter. Although, since I haven't ever had a kitten, I would enjoy having the experience and I can see Willow taking her in and being a good mother to her.

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