Saturday, October 9, 2010


The quarantine is over!

All four cats are now integrated together. Rose has had a ton of fun playing with Nahum, who has been a great sport. She pounces and paws at him and he graciously lets her have her fun. I bet he doesn't even feel most of her efforts due to his thick layers of fluff!

Theo has been curious about Rose but for the most part he leaves her alone. He did play ambush with her a little. It seems like he is still trying to figure her out before he trusts her enough to engage in a lot of play.

Willow has not appreciated having a kitten around. Rose tries to get Willow to play, but all she gets is a nasty hiss and the occasional swat of the paw. As long as Rose leaves Willow alone, all is well.

Rose walks confidently around the other cats, like she owns the place!

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