Saturday, October 23, 2010


I can't decide if I am a vet's worst nightmare or dream client. I am a bit of a feline hypochondriac - whenever there is something slightly amiss with one of the cats I want to get them looked over right away. That means I am at the vet's office a lot! Typically the vet staff reassure me that there is no cause for alarm. Living so close to the vet's office makes it really easy to dash over and get the kitty checked out. I think the cost of frequently seeing the vet is worth the piece of mind it gives me in knowing the cats are getting the best possible care.

Theo has recently gotten over his upper respiratory infection and over the past few days it looked like Willow may be taking a turn with illness. So, this afternoon, after seeing some yellowish discharge coming from her eyes, I popped her over to the vet. I get a little more concerned about Willow than the others, because of her asthma. She sometimes has to work hard at just breathing, so combining that trouble with now being congested, I get concerned.

Willow is so sweet. She makes her displeasure known when you are making her do something she doesn't like, but she never fights. She submitted for all the tests, even though she really wanted to hide. After it all, I learned she has an elevated temperature and needs antibiotics. So, in the end, I am glad I brought her in. I will certainly sleep better tonight, knowing she is getting the treatment she needs. And soon she will be sleeping and breathing better too.

 Willow, hanging out in her carrier bag at the vet's office.

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