Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Chocolate is poisonous to cats, this I know. But how much does it take to cause problems?

I accidently left two Dove Peanut Butter chocolates unattended on the kitchen counter for a few minutes. Theo somehow knew this and snagged one. He nearly ate the entire thing before I scared him off, but the damage was done, only a few crumbs and a bit of wrapper remained.

So, then I wondered, how much chocolate is too much? So, I strolled over to the vet's office to ask them. I brought a long a few of the chocolates to show them what exactly he had eaten.

I asked Deanna, one of the front office workers, "one of my cats just ate an entire Dove Peanut Butter chocolate, so I am wondering how much chocolate is dangerous?" She replied, "was it Theo?"

Apparently he has a reputation. She went on to say that the quantity of chocolate in actually not much, because of the peanut butter filling, so he might have an upset stomach or diarrhea. I thanked her for her time as as I was about to leave, the other front desk person, Amanda, said, "You have the most interesting cats. They're always up to something."

That got me wondering, do other cat owner not have the dramas we have? I have always figured that cats are cats and therefore every cat owner must have similar experiences with their cats - but maybe not!

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