Monday, November 8, 2010

dog friend

My friend Lisa and her well behaved chocolate lab, Gromit, came for dinner and a visit this evening. This was Rose's first introduction to a dog.

Rose can be rather skittish around humans. Fast movements really scare her. I feared a large dog might freak her out, causing her to disappear upstairs for the evening. However, she watched Gromit closely and never got too close, but was very curious. I was very impressed, her curiosity really tempered the fear.

Even Willow stayed downstairs for the whole time, something she has never done before. Usually, when she first senses Gromit's presence she disappears for the night upstairs. She hung out mostly under the couch, but she did venture out a few times.

Theo and Nahum were their typical comfortable selves. Nothing gets Theo worked up (except for the constant fear of not having enough food). The vacuuming earlier in the day didn't even phase him, he just went about his business. Nahum remained his amazing self.

I love having cats that are easy going about sharing their space with other people and animals.

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