Saturday, November 27, 2010


Little Rose is currently in the vet hospital. She is scheduled for exploratory surgery in a little over an hour. On Wednesday evening, she suddenly got very ill. Lots of vomiting, diarrhea, not eating nor drinking. A quick trip to the emergency vet and we were reassured that it was probably just a bug.

Over the holiday, there were times when she looked better and other times when she looked sickly. The vomiting and diarrhea, continued so she went back to the vet on Friday morning. The vet suspected a viral infection although she also said it could be a intestinal blockage from a foreign object. We came home with some special food in hopes of getting her to eat more. She didn't want much to do with the food.

The next step was an x-ray to look for any foreign objects. So, Saturday morning, we took her over again for more diagnostic work. The x-rays revealed no foreign objects but the vet did notice that her intestine didn't look right. She suspects there is something in there that doesn't belong. The next steps is exploratory surgery, which happen at 5:00 pm this evening. I certainly hope they find what they need to find and fix her up. 

It was really hard seeing her suffer. She looked very sickly. Occasionally, she would want to play, but very reservedly so. I am hoping that all of this goes well and she heals up quick. Not much to do now except pray and seek comfort.

Cinnamon roll = comfort

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