Tuesday, April 12, 2011

new ribbon toy

The cats can get bored with the same old interactive toys. I cycle through them every so often trying to keep them fresh. I am amazed at how expensive a little cheaply made toy is.

I was inspired to put three things together to make a new toy. In the cat toy box was a old piece of wide cloth ribbon, about a yard in length. I tied one end of a small piece of string to the end of the ribbon and attached the other end to a wand. The result was a new ribbon wand toy!

The ribbon flutters beautifully in the air as it moves around which really intrigues the cats. It also makes interesting sounds when it is moved quickly. We all enjoyed playing with it!


  1. Wow - love that last picture.....Mom is always amazed that we can have a bazillion toys and get more interested in the box she brings home from work. MOL

  2. Yeah, wow re: that last photo! LOL! Fantastic!

    Plus you could get ribbon from the dollar store -- so a very inexpensive toy.

    Derry still likes his 5-cent fuzzy pipe cleaner "snakes" best!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  3. Wow ! The last photo is impressive !!!

  4. Holy Cow...look at those claws! Magnificent! What a party!

  5. That sounds like a very good idea for a toy. I would think the ribbon would just glide through the air. We'll have to try that at The Very Best Cats.


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