Friday, April 15, 2011

who done it?

The other day I came home to this:

The black pot that is upside down on the rug is usually filled with water and sitting atop the stove. It's purpose is to add humidity to the air which will hopefully reduce the static electricity in Nahum's fur.

The pot holds about 2 quarts of water. It was about 3/4 full in the morning. After work it was empty yet the rug, cat bed, ottoman cushion and LL Bean kitty bed were all soaking wet. There was also a stream of water that ran across the length of the dining room (10 feet) into the closet under the stairs (sadly, this shows how unlevel my house is!)

None of the cats took responsibility, they all looked innocent and surprised at the new water feature in their environment. My mind instantly accused Theo. I suppose the only way to know for sure is to dust the pot for paw prints.

Even though it could have been any of them, I immediately rule out Willow. She has never caused any trouble in the past, she would never do such a thing. I also rule out Nahum because he has never shown any interest in the pot of water nor the stove. I have seen Rose express interest and hang out on the top of the stove in the past, but I would bet the full pot of water weighs as much as she does. It would have taken all her effort to topple it. That leaves Theo. I have seen Theo on the stove in the past, I have even found him drinking from the pot of water in the past, yuck! I pin the blame fully on him, however, his motivation remains a mystery.


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  1. MOL - um, with that face we aren't sure we want to be in the area when you tell him he is in trouble.....


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