Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Canvas PicturesA little while back, I received an email from Megan, at Easy Canvas Prints. She offered to give me a canvas of my choosing in exchange for a candid review of their product. I agreed.

The biggest challenge in this whole process was choosing which picture to use. But before I get into that let me tell you how the process works.

I was amazed at how easy it all was. Four simple steps. First, it was a matter of choosing the canvas size, that was easy because Megan was giving me an 8" x 10". I did get to choose the wrap thickness. I went with the 1.5" Gallery Wrap, which adds a nice profile to the unframed picture. The next step is to upload and crop your picture. I liked how easy it was to move the picture around to get the right composition. The third step is to choose how you want your border. I went with the solid color (black), but you can get mirror or image wrap. Then finally you can choose special processing options (finishing or retouching) - I didn't select either.

After looking over a bunch of wonderful Max pictures, I settled on this picture, which I absolutely love:
Max loved his fish toy.

I was little worried how the finished product would look because the original picture is a little out of focus. Four days after ordering the canvas, I received an email telling me it had shipped and then four days from then it arrived on my doorstep via Fed-Ex. The canvas itself was wrapped in bubble wrap and packed well in the box.

And what did I think of the picture canvas? I am quite pleased with the finished product, seeing such a large vivid image of Max literally brought tears to me eyes. Max looks gorgeous. The quality of the print is fabulous. The colors are very vibrant and striking. I was a little surprised by the semi-glossy finish, which can add some glare if the light catches it right but that's true of any printed photo. The canvas feels thick and the frame is good and tight. It came with a picture hook thingy already attached to the wood frame, which made hanging it on my wall a snap.

I love it! I think a canvas of this size would make a perfect gift for someone. The available sizes range from 8" x 8" to a huge 30" x 40"! I could have a life size Max! I would most certainly recommend Easy Canvas Prints for any canvas print needs.


  1. awww - that is an AWESOME picture. Don't get mom started...she would never be able to pick just one picture. MOL

  2. It looks fabulous and the photo itself is wonderful. Great choice!

    Our mom would like to have that done too--Costco does it here--but it's fairly pricey to do the larger size(s) she'd like.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  3. I have seen these and I'm getting one done for my Hubby for Christmas of his first kitty.
    Max is splendid, the picture is wonderful, his whiskers really pop!


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