Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the Budster returns

Buddy's dental went well! Yahooo!! He's now back at home.

The vet found some tooth material that had remained from his previous extraction site back last summer. She gave several reasons why this might have happened, including the possibility that maybe it was just missed. Regardless, the remaining tooth material and more of the root were extracted.

Pre-surgery Buddy

It kills me to think that Buddy might have been in pain the majority of his time with me. I sure hope this fixes him up and makes him more comfortable and thus makes him eat better.

Right now, he's not comfortable at all. Since returning from the vet this afternoon, he hasn't done anything except pace the floor with his tail held low. The most settled he's been was when he let me rub his tummy for a time. I'm hoping he sleeps well, although I'm not expecting it. Seeing him pace has really spiked my anxiety level. So now we're giving him his pain medicine and I might need a dose for me too!

I'll keep you posted on how his post-op recovery goes.

Buddy is not the only source of my anxiety tonight. I actually awoke early this morning to the sound of a cat fight outside, somewhere in the front the house. I hate that sound, especially, when I imagine that it probably involves my sweet Oliver.

Later that morning, I went to feed Oliver his breakfast and there was a bunch of cat poop there on the floor of Oliver's enclosed porch, just outside the backdoor. I knew Oliver would never do such a thing but I was puzzled as to who done it.

After some investigative work, I'm pretty sure now who left their poop-o-gram. Laura said she had seen the Evil Bushy Kitty hanging around the back step yesterday and tonight she saw him on the back porch, hanging out on one of Oliver's viewing shelves. (If you don't know how Evil Bushy Kitty earned his name, read this post from last October.)

Evil Bushy Kitty, doing his evil thing on the neighbor's shrubbery (March 2012)

When I came home from work this evening, Oliver was patrolling his yard, looking out for any intruders. He was on high alert. He's not happy with Evil Bushy Kitty, and I can't blame him - in fact, I'm not happy with Evil Bushy Kitty either.

I don't know if Evil Bushy Kitty has a home, nor do I know if he's fixed. He always runs away when I try to talk to him or approach him. I'm thinking I might need to trap him and survey his privates. If he's not fixed, that will be simple enough to take care of. If he is fixed then I'm not sure what to do.

In the meantime, I have to worry about Oliver's well-being with this intruder marking up Oliver's porch (and my house!) I would love to hear anyone suggestions of how I might dissuade Evil Bushy Kitty from coming onto Oliver's porch while also allowing Oliver access.

We have had a stretch of warmer temperatures, which means I will soon need to solve my problem of Oliver's future. Over the Easter weekend, I carried Oliver in my arms several times throughout the house while the cats got to smell and see him. I even set him down and let him meet Theo, which didn't go so well (Theo swatted at him and tried to pounce on him). Buddy went crazy whenever he saw Oliver, but when I carried Oliver into a new room away from Buddy, he settled down, which gave me a little hope. As soon as Buddy makes visual contact of Oliver, he goes ballistic.

And a wonderful note to end on. Laura was going out for an afternoon walk today and Oliver asked her to pick him up and snuggle him! That's never happened before, he's only wanted me to hold him - so that's pretty exciting! He's warming up to her. Yea!!


  1. I am glad Buddy's dental went okay and that he won't be in pain anymore.

    I think trapping EvilBushy kitty is the best plan, as that is what I did when I had a tabby coming in my home and spraying, it hasn't stopped him coming by but has stopped most of the spraying, as he still sprays the cat cabin not in the house.
    Aww it's great that Oliver is warming to Laura

  2. Great news that Oliver is warming up and so great that Buddy is doing well too :o)

  3. Purrs for Buddy's post-op recovery, we hope that takes care of his issues.

    Good luck if you decide to trap EvilBushy Kitty. If he is neutered, maybe you can ask around the neighbourhood about him? Or have him checked for a microchip? (The vet clinic would be able to do that, I should think.)

    Other than that, I have no suggestions. "Toby" and another cat were screaming at each other a few mornings ago, around 4AM. I ran out with my water bottle, of course. They weren't engaged in a fight, just posturing, and the other cat was a new one to me--looked well cared for, so I'm guessing he has a home in our complex or nearby. But since I leave food out all the time, that's going to draw every feline in the neighbourhood and probably raccoons too. LOL.

  4. Oh Buddy sweetheart...please feel better today. And ask Daddy to post how you are tomorrow.

    I hope that the ebil bush kitty can PLEASE go spray somewhere else! Poor Oliver.

  5. I wonder if putting a radio on beside Oliver's house would do the same that it does for keeping wild-life away? We had a raccoon and a skunk in our yard for awhile and we left a radio on on the deck and they disappeared. Give Buddy a hug for me. I hate to see a cat in pain. Hugs, Deb

  6. We hope Buddy is feeling better soon....poor boy

    we think some TNR on that evil bushy cat might be the place to start....

  7. We hope Buddy will feel much better now that his dental is over.

    Cats could find shelter and food at my parents' garage and workshop. The cats all got fixed if they hung around--didn't matter if the cats had a home. We know for sure one did.

  8. Poor Buddy. Skootch is always subdued and tired after a visit to the vet (and he's usually the one who gets more "procedures", and also is more high-strung). Hopefully Buddy will come around and be more himself in a few days. He did have some surgery, after all. Give him a nice dose of quiet and some occasional love.
    I hope EBK doesn't disrupt Oliver too much. Don't like the sound of that POOP in Oliver's house!

  9. We're glad Buddy's dental went well but we hope he feels better soon. We're sure he will.

  10. And that is why xrays done after dental proceedures are a good idea, even if it does seem highly expensive. I hope Buddy recovers quickly

    The poop-o-gram might have been Oliver telling EvilBushy Kitty this is his.. i like the radio idea.

  11. Purrrrrss for Buddy. We hope he will feel better soonest.


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