Wednesday, April 25, 2012

safe place

Yikes, it feels like it's been a long week already and it's only Tuesday!

I sooooo wanted to trade places with Rose today. I could have used a nap cuddled safely in the paws of my big fluffy Nahum. Is it wrong to covet your cat's snuggle partner?!


  1. Aww she looks so tiny next to him!!!

  2. I often snuggle my face into a sleeping cats's so comforting.
    Jane x

  3. Such a sweet photo.

    I love it when Derry cuddles into me, we spoon at night for a while before he settles himself on top of the covers next to me. So nope, not wrong at all. :-)

  4. awwww - mom will cuddle with tommy sometimes..... nothing wrong with wanting some love!!

  5. Mom loves when I or Admiral who came before, snuggles into her back or tummy all warm and purry and sweet.

  6. Awwww what a sweet picture! I would love to join them and snuggle!

  7. Pure kitteh bliss.......... I, too would love to fold myself into that furry pile.

  8. Replies
    1. Great photo. Wish I was Rose too. She has Nahum wrapped around her. And he is BIG compared to her. Definitely a safe place.

  9. Oh ~ very cuddly. Everyone should have someone to snuggle with. ;)
    xo Catherine

  10. Such a wonderful photo. You know they're happy and content. Everybody should have a big brother.


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