Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 No room in the inn.

The cat tree is a popular choice these days. Might need to grow a few more so everyone has a cozy spot. I've been dreaming about adding one to the bedroom, hoping it might provide a little more room on the bed for the humans. Maybe it'll be a gift to us all when Oliver finally comes inside!

Nahum giving the back legs a rest.

Buddy's blood tests came back indicating he is in good health, that's always nice. Thanks everyone for the purrs and prayers. He's nearly 13 years old, and he often acts old, so I worry about the guy. He's currently scheduled next Monday for a dental. This will be his second dental in a little less than a year, when we first got him his teeth were in rough shape, so he needed a cleaning and a few extracted. The cost seems to have gone up, the vet gave me an estimate of $600-750! Wowza!

I haven't given up on Oliver coming inside. I've been too chicken to do formal introductions between the cats, so instead I have been carrying Oliver in my arms and parading him around the inside of the house. Theo is curious about him, and Buddy goes crazy when he sees him, everyone else just ignores him like their old mates, and bless Oliver's heart, he's calm as can be. He doesn't like having Oliver yell, spit and hiss at him but he's completely cool with everyone else. I think it helps that he's in my arms, because he seems to take a lot of comfort being close to me. Every so often he checks in with me by giving my chin a head bonk!

Seeing how calm Oliver was at the vet a few weeks back has given me more courage to go forward with the introductions. I think I just fear some kind of blood bath unfolding while I look on in horror. This introduction seems quite different than the others because Oliver is already acquainted with me, the house and to some degree the cats. I just need to get over the fear and let him meet Theo and Nahum on his own four paws, while I watch with water pistol, long handled broom and thick leather gloves in hand.


  1. Oliver is so close to being an indoor cat! Go for it...fully armed of course! So glad Buddy is OK. My Charlie is 13 and doing well but I can see him slowing down some. Hugs, to you and all the fur babies! Linda

  2. YEAH!! Glad Buddy is in good health (hope the dental helps him feel a little better) and hope the introductions go well!

  3. Thank goodness Buddy's blood tests are clear. I will purr for him when he has a dental. My mom said though I am young, she may ask during next February's dental day at my Dr.s office, to see Dr Rick about getting my teeth scaled.

  4. Mom had that same fear by the way and never got over it or we would have had a male Tuxie living here with the Admiral.

  5. Dental care is so important, but the cost takes your breath away. We clean teeth when the gums look slightly irritated. The more extractions, the more expense! We try to avoid them.

  6. Aw I really hope it goes well, If not they will get used to each other eventually!

  7. Nothing like a nice nap in the window on a rare sunny Spring day. . . .

  8. Great news on Buddy. Take your time with the intros - you have so many personalities there, and it sounds as though Buddy still has issues (prozac takes a while to kick in, and it's pretty subtle, as far as I can tell. I know it works with pee issues, but I don't know if it helps with personality clashes).
    You really captured Oliver's bliss with his nanner nip.

  9. My 17 yr old gal needed a dental 2 years ago and I was so scared due to her age. But she needed a broken tooth pulled and a couple of others. She did great and eats more now that it doesn't hurt. Even gained some weight. Mouth infections can spread bacteria quickly throughout the whole body due to the amount of bloodflow in the mouth, the mouth also heals faster because of it!
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks for letting us know about Buddy. Glad all his tests came back positive. I love Nahum's photo, resting his back legs. Just a great cat photo.

  10. Oh, I would be like you -- worried to death that they wouldn't 'take'. My last two cats haven't shown the least interest in cat trees, so I gave ours to my son whose two cats were all over it before they got it in the house!

  11. I'm so glad Buddy is ok.

    The initial nose to nose with a new cat probably gave me more anxiety and indigestion than the cats.... But definitely be ready for anything! Good luck!

  12. Raw honey.....it's GREAT for dental health. But, it has to be RAW....just smear it on their teeth/ gums. Most cats ( dogs too ) like honey. Good luck on the intro....I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Oliver and Buddy !! You may want to try some 'Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy" it helps when any commotion is going on.


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