Saturday, May 5, 2012

2012 Average Joe Cat Show

Today was the 9th annual Average Joe Cat Show. This event is a fundraiser for Purrfect Pals, my local amazing cat shelter. I love that all the cats are regular house cats! Many of them are even available for adoption. Somehow, I made it out without taking any extra kitties home. I didn't hear the tally as far as how many cats were adopted at the show but I hope many found new forever homes.

There are so many beautiful cats!
This guy took home first place in the Softest Fur in the West category

Barney took home several blue ribbons in various categories.
 He sure looks a lot like my Nahum!

Apparently Barney is a known heart stealer!

Hiding in the sock monkey bed!

Smudge, last year's winner of Most Obnoxious Cat

Smudge's not looking very obnoxious to me!

Amazing that cats can sleep with all the commotion

One of the many winners!

After collecting her prize, Lucy honors the judges by letting them each pet her.

What are all these people gathered around to see?

Adorable kittens, of course!

So cute!

The adoption room was filled with lovely kitties looking for their forever homes.

I wanted to take this one home

These little ones were hoping to go home with someone

One of the many fun things about cat shows are the vendors. The Average Joe Cat Show draws some great vendors.

Delightful custom mosaics by Gretchen Fuller - wow!

I love handmade kitty toys!

These are hand towels that fasten to the oven handle!

The Community Cat Coalition table, educating people about TNR

The Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project always has fun T-shirts

I saved the most exciting bit for last. You might remember, back in March, I told you that I had entered a picture of Theo and Willow in the photo contest. The voting closed a day before the show and the results were announced at the show.

The photo entries are displayed around the silent auction room

Willow's picture earned Second Place

Theo won First Place in the Funniest Photo category!!!!

When we got back home, we threw a celebration party for Theo! What fun!!! Thank you everyone who voted, we could not have done this without your support!

Theo posing with his Blue Ribbon and prize winning photo

A big thank you to all the volunteers and organizers at Purrfect Pals for putting together such a wonderful event!! The Average Joe Cat Show is such a great idea for a fundraiser, I hope other cat shelters borrow this idea. The crowd at this year's show seemed smaller than last year but I hope they raised a ton of money for the kitties. And now I'm left once again looking forward to next year's show!


  1. Thanks for taking the time to post all those photos. I do love cat shows, ....but I'm not sure the cats do. Congratulations on your winners -- and on a great cat blog.

  2. Concats on the photo wins!

    What a terrific cat show, love all the categories. And I LOVE that black tee-shirt, would love it in navy or some other shade of blue. LOL.

    Thanks for all the great pics and run-down. What a fun day you had!

  3. What a brilliant day, and congratulations on your wins!
    Jane x

  4. Gosh ~ what a terrific cat show you got to attend ~ very fun! So many sweet and wonderful kitties. Very very fun! Thanks for taking us along! :)
    xo Catherine

  5. What a haul of purty kitties,
    Well done on the prizes Theo and Willow.
    What a great fundraiser.

  6. What a great idea and I love all the cats. I would want to bring some home with me also....but Charlie would complain! congrats to Theo and Willow for their prize winning photos!
    hugs, Linda

  7. Nice coverage. It would be hard to come out without a new cat! Congratulations to your two winners--well deserved.

  8. You should so get those photos printed on stretch canvas to do their ribbons proud! you can often find sales on them, or find a 'free with shipping ' offer..

  9. Congratulations! That show looks wonderful. I saw in your photos a little black and red dress with white collar that would look cute on me!

  10. Congratulations on your winning photos; your fur-babies certainly deserved it! :) So many cute kitties... I hope they were able to raise a lot of money for our feline friends! I would so love to do something similiar here in STL for our rescue group - what a great idea!

  11. What great pictures! That cat show is a FABULOUS idea.... its giving ME some ideas! :P

  12. I sure hope many kitties found their forever homes at the event! And congratulations on winning the 1st and 2nd places in the photo contest!!


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