Thursday, October 4, 2012

mid week jumble

Buddy, my blogging buddy!

I'm worried about Skootch from Cattywumpus, he's having some sort of health issues which is causing him great distress and the vet is having trouble figuring out what's going on. Please keep Skootch and his humans in your prayers.

Skootch, courtesy of Cattywumpus

Theo's a popcorn fanatic! He loves anything corn! Whenever Laura has popcorn she always saves him some which he just loves.

This morning as I was walking into town to meet a friend for breakfast I discovered a deceased beautiful ginger cat, in the grass near the sidewalk. It appeared as though he had been hit by a car and someone moved him out of the road. I had to stop and give thanks for his soul while my heart filled with sorrow. I wondered what to do with his body. Just leaving him there didn't seem like a good option but I wasn't sure what to do. Later, I called Animal Control and they said they would come retrieve him.

I had planned to come home from breakfast and get some work done, instead I brought Oliver inside and snuggled him close for a few hours, giving thanks that he was alive and well. Having outside cats causes me much stress as I worry that someday I will find one of them dead in the road. I still fear the worst for Brown Kitty, who hasn't been seen for almost two weeks. Rather than focus on such thoughts, I held Oliver close as I watched him breathe and sleep peacefully in my arms.

Willow, the perfect camera bag accessory!


  1. RIP orange kitty. I too am sorrowful when I see a kitty dead by the roadside. I am one of those folks that hit the brakes no matter who I see trying to cross the road. *knock on wood* I have been successful about 99% of the time to date and no kitties have lost their lives due to my large metal killing machine. Some other people are just as watchful and considerate...but not others. :( I probably should put a bumper sticker on my vehicle warning tailgaters, but then again.... that is THEIR problem. They shouldn't tailgate.

  2. Whenever I see a dead animal on the road, I apologise...the animal's soul will know that someone cared.
    Jane x
    Theo's expression is priceless!

  3. I'm so sorry about the poor cat. Only once, walking in our neighbourbood early one AM (on the way to work), I came across a beautiful tabby cat dead by the side of the street. Poor thing. I know it's too much to expect people to either (a) keep their cats indoors and safe or (b) build them an outdoor catio. In a perfect world, though.....

    I get upset at the dead birds and squirrels I see, always say a little "prayer" for their souls, poor things. :-(

  4. This makes our Mommy sad, too. That's why we're inside kittehz. Oliver is a lucky boy! xoxo

  5. You have the kindest heart! I always say a prayer when I pass an animal on the road that hasn't made it. So glad that Mr Toes is now an inside kitty. hugs, Linda

  6. we hope that kitty's family (if he had one) can be contacted by animal control. it makes mom sad when she sees that too - but we know that we do the best we can. Oliver is a lucky guy and hopefully he sticks close to the house.

    Love Theo and the parents dog was like that. he could be in the back bedroom and the minute popcorn started making noise in the microwave, he would appear. it was about 4 days after he passed that I was over there and both my dad and I kept looking down the hall half expecting to see Bandit coming for the popcorn..... :)

  7. so interesting, I had a dream last night there was a big orange kitty in the middle of the road. I was riding with my husband and I made him turn the car around so we could move him - but I didn't dream of actually moving him..

    purrs that Oliver and his family remain safe.

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  9. Thank you Phil, for mentioning Skootch. We have another vet appt. tomorrow morning, and I have asked for another antibiotic shot and a thorough mouth and tongue inspection.
    Apropos of Theo's corn addiction, I remember Skootch as a younger cat being very interested in corn on the cob - and it wasn't about butter, because I don't butter my corn! We have a cute picture of him posing with his corncob on his cat placemat.
    Danger lurks everywhere for outside cats. I get very worried whenever I see a cat outside, especially around busy streets.

  10. It stays with me for days when I see such a thing. I grieve for them and even though their humans allowed them out most likely, still I know they will be saddened when their baby does not come home. I would give anything if people kept their cats inside where they are safe from human and animals that prey.

    I always say a prayer for them and even now when I think of it, it grieves me. Oliver is so fortunate and he knows it, to have you two as his pawrents. I so wish he could stop spraying inappropriately though so he could be even more inside. Thank you for caring so much.

  11. Today I had the same experience with a beautiful Siamese is so sad to see any animal killed on the road...heartbreaking. All of my current cats are indoors but the world is filled with not so lucky critters. You are a gem for all that you do for your local kitties.

  12. Just breaks my heart to see any animal dead on the road. I could never have an outdoor cat. My niece's cat was hit by a car. Some kind soul noticed he had a tag and contacted them. My sister retrieved the cat's body and buried him in their back yard.

  13. Hi kitties! We just came over from purring for Skootch and wanted to say hi! Glad to meet you all and we're gonna be following you so we can get to know you better! Come visit sometime if ya want!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  14. I sure hope that Skootch will be okay, we will all send purrs. I am very sad to hear about the ginger kitty. It just isn't safe outside.

  15. Just wondering a kitty having popcorn. A human child shouldn't be feed popcorn as a toddler because it can be aspirated into their lungs and cause serious complications. I know that the same is true for dogs of all ages. So that makes me wonder about cats. ? I don't know if you could find information about it online, as everything seems to be online these days, or maybe a call to your Vet. would get you a good answer. Wishing all your beautiful and sweet kitties great health! I have loved visiting with all of you this morning!
    Lily, WA, USA


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