Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mr. Oliver

Thanks everyone for the well wishes for Mr. Oliver. He's back home now and recovering from his ordeal. The vet said to keep him inside for 14 days while he recovers, so he's getting all the inside time he has ever wanted, although it may not be quite as he dreamt it would be since he's secured in cages for most of the time.

He has a couple of nasty bite wounds. One of which is about half and inch above his eye - way too close for my comfort. The other wound is on his lip, there's a sizable tear and abscess. The vet didn't put in a drain due to the location of the wound. He's supposed to be wearing a cone, but he took it off sometime in the night and I haven't put it back on yet. I figure I'll put it back on if he starts picking at his wounds.

Oliver is in good spirits. He's taking it all like a champ and rarely complains. Above all else he wants to cuddle and purr. Secondly, he really wants to look out the windows, to see what's going on in his yard. Sadly, I can't leave him unattended for one minute for fear he will spray, so he doesn't get much window time.

Oliver's current living quarters
I have connected together three wire crates to give him some room to move. I have towels covering the sides of the crates in case he decides to mark. I just borrowed one much larger cage and will set that up soon giving him even more room to hang out while he heals. When I have time I bring him on the bed to hang out with me, he knows to stay on the bed, as he's not allowed to explore the room.

Of course, the big question on my mind is what happens after the 14 days? Do I just put Oliver back outside once more to fight with the interloping cats? I'm not in love with that idea, but his spraying is a real issue. I've noticed his family hasn't been around nearly as much as normal since Oliver has been locked inside. I suppose they would get on without him, but splitting them up doesn't seem right. I'm trying not to fret over that decision and just to take it one day at a time.

These pictures are all from today, I'm not showing the side of his face that is shaved and wounded. I'm quite squeamish when it comes to such things, so I'll spare you the grizzly sight. I hope he heals all up and doesn't have significant scars on his face. Do they have plastic surgery for cats?!

I realized sometime yesterday that this is the first feline injury I've had to deal with. I've enjoyed six years of feline companionship and have never had an injury like this. The closest thing was Theo fracturing his canine tooth, but that was different because it wasn't really a noticeable wound. May it be many many more years before I have to deal with another injury!


  1. We're glad he's home and hope he heals quickly.

    No advice re: the spraying issue, since I'm sure you've heard it all before and know every trick, anyway. It might be that Oliver can't ever be a fully-indoor cat, and yes, it will be a risk letting him back out...But on the flip side, he has an AMAZING life, thanks to you, and frankly, there is no "security" for any of us, all of life is a risk.


  2. I'm just happy he has you to take care of him.
    Jane x

  3. Poor Oliver! You know I'm a fan of his! I hope he heals quickly and then I don't know what I would do. After our ordeal with Mr Toes I know the trauma of injuries. We are lucky we can just keep him inside for good. Give Oliver a special head scratch for me!!
    hugs, Linda

  4. awww - poor baby. :) don't worry about his face - the fuzz grows back. as for indoor/outdoor, you have to do the best for everyone. It certainly sounds like his family depends on him and he isn't overly happy about being strictly indoors.... he has you to watch over him and has the wonderful porch - that is more than lots of outside kitties have.....

  5. The only alternative to a life outdoors is a large wire enclosure in your backyard. They don't come cheap and you would also have to consider Oliver's family.

    Oliver and his family are lucky they have someone who cares enough about them to feed them and see to their health needs.

  6. Poor guy! What a shame he's a sprayer! Has he been fixed? It takes a while, but sometimes that does end or slow the spraying. I think Jackson Galaxy sells something that's supposed to really work on spray. We can't deal with that smell either, thank goodness my kitties dont!

  7. Oh Oliver, poor little dude... I wish there was an easy way to deal with spraying. It's such a shame. That's pretty cool that you have cat insurance for him. It costs me over $30 per cat, per month for insurance so close to $100/month for all 3 cats. Do you get a volume discount? Maybe insurance is cheaper in the USA... sigh...

  8. We hope Oliver can learn to not spray soon. Purrs to that handsome dude.

  9. Have you considered stud pants for Oliver??

    I have a kitty who was bitten in that same general region as a kitten. Got her right in the eye though. Poor Fleurp still has a scar on her cornia, but she's doing wonderfully. I hope Oliver heals up with no visible wounds.

  10. maybe the 14 days in the cage with a litter box will be enough to get him litter trained? the rescue I volunteer with has had that happen with sprayers. sometimes confining a cat to a small area will discourage them from spraying because they don't want to mess up their spot. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that everything will come right in the end.

  11. Poor puss! Banjo and I send lots of warm thoughts and purrs!
    xo Catherine & Banjo

  12. I'm sure Oliver understands and appreciates how much you are caring for him. Good luck.

  13. I've been reading your blog for awhile and enjoying! I have eight cats in the house and ongoing issues of spraying. You might try a feliaway diffuser for Oliver in his room. Not sure it will help, but it's a thought. Also it's remotely possible he has some urinary tract/bladder issues so if so the antibiotics will probably help clear that up and make a difference. Also I've found the disposable 'pee pads' for people easy to use and hang up over trouble spots where you think they might spray. (don't use the ones for puppies as they have an attractant). I have a large catio built on the side of my house, made out of wooden framing and 2x4 welded wire, but if you are considering this something like chicken wire might work. I wanted to make sure my wasn't torn into by varmints. They love it. You'd have to lure the whole family in though. ;-) They do have things you can put on top of existing privacy fences that keep cats in and out.

    Anyway. You'll have to do what is best for all, and I do have both indoor and outdoor kitties, because they all can't fit in the house! I already have too many and that is why there are issues...

    Good luck! I think Oliver and his family are very, very lucky to have found you.



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