Tuesday, February 5, 2013

wounded Oliver

I just got back from taking Oliver over to the vet. Right after I brought him to the bedroom for morning snuggles I noticed his left cheek was massively swollen and there appeared to be a laceration above his left eye.

Laura said when she got home last night she heard a cat fight and saw a big orange cat tangling with Oliver. She wasn't sure if it was Goliath. Whoever it was, they did a number on Oliver.

After seeing his injuries, I ran next door to the vet's office (yes, literally next door) and asked for their next available appointment. It turned out the next opening was right then at 8:00am, so I ran back home grabbed a carrier and Oliver and ran back.

A few minutes later the vet looked him over. She said he has a large bite wound above his eye and maybe another on his cheek. The swelling is an abscess. They will keep him for the day and fix him up. I'll know more details once they clean him up and get a good look.

Meanwhile I need to figure out how I can keep him inside for awhile (or forever) with his urine marking issue. I'll be pondering that all day.

I'm thankful to live so close to the vet and that they had an opening right then and there. I'm also thankful that Oliver does so well at the vet, he takes it all in stride - he was quite snuggly and even wanted his tummy rubbed on the exam table! Maybe that was because his usual morning snuggle time was co-opted by this adventure.

Oh, and I'm thankful that Oliver's insured!


  1. Oh my! You know we have had our Mr Toes scare with him being shot with a pellet gun. He can no longer go outside. Not sure what I would do if he was a marker...good luck, but Oliver needs to be safe! Give him a snuggle from me!

  2. Poor Oliver,I hope he feels better soon.
    Jane x

  3. Yikes.... glad you caught it right away and he is getting all fixed up. I wish I had some magical solution to the Oliver problem, but I don't.....

  4. Poor fella. He is in good hands with you, though. The males do love to fight outside. I guess they always fight over territory. We have a cat at our back deck again today and he seemed very lost. I put food for him on the deck and he ate it all and sauntered away. I have no idea if someone owns him and will be posting photos of him around town.

  5. We are all sending our best purrs to Oliver and we sure hope he heals up wuickly.

  6. Yikes! Poor Oliver! We're sending healing purrs and hope he'll be fine soon.

    My goodness, he's amazingly calm at the vet office! Better than Nicki and Derry (don't tell them that--they're okay, just scared to bits).

    Good luck finding a resolution to Oliver's spraying, or another solution to keeping him safe from "introoder" cats.

  7. That was scary. But he is doing remarkably well at the vet office for a former feral. Get all better soon, Oliver!

  8. Big purrs for handsome Oliver! We hope he gets better quick, fast, and in a hurry!

  9. Aw, poor Oliver! I hope he gets better fast! And learns how to be an inside kitty, litter box appropriate and all!

  10. Wow it is so wonderful that you live so close to a vet.

    I know Oliver will heal and get better soon!

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog archives for some informative posts and stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.


    Talk to Your Angels and Pets

  11. Keep a good eye on him, our angel brofur Yuri got a bitey abcess on his foot once and it got big until it took care of he gots some pencil-illin. But it got better and we know Olivers will too.
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  12. We had to take our Joey inside when he kept getting beat up by other male cats but he never sprayed inside. Hope Oliver heals well and you find a solution.

    cats of wildcat woods

  13. Poor Oliver! Abscesses are nasty, but we know the vet will take good care of him. So glad his eye wasn't injured!

    You could lock Oliver in the porch, but then his family wouldn't be able to come in for food and naptime :(

  14. Yikes, poor Oliver! I hope you can find a way for him to be inside. The outside life is filled with peril. Have you talked with the vet about giving Oliver (and Buddy) fluoxitine (prozac)? That helped Skootch get over marking issues. And it might calm down Buddy, too. I'm sure I mentioned this before, sorry if I'm being redundant.

  15. Phew, glad you saw the injury right away. Get well soon, Oliver!


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