Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The other day when I had Simon over to the vet to get checked out, my vet introduced me to Benny. He's a 1½ year old sweet boy who is in need of a home. He came to the vet with a blocked urinary tract and the owner was not able to afford treatment nor the necessary follow-up care and so wanted him put down. With Benny being young and affectionate the vet couldn't do it. Instead she fixed him up and now he's in need of a new home, with someone who'll be able to provide him a special diet for the rest of his life to try to prevent future blockages.

I offered to help find him a new home.

Benny's fur is super soft! About as soft as Willow's!

I took him home for the day to get to know him better. He's somewhat shy and very affectionate. He spent most of his time scared but for one moment he relaxed and played a little. He loves having his head rubbed and is very sweet.

please consider taking me home with you


  1. Poor Benny. Purrs he finds a terrific forever home. We hope his new human will be savvy enough to realize that a wet diet would be best. Also, they could check out something like PetAlive.com's UTI-Free -- it's worked for Derry for a year now (Derry's had a couple of bouts of idiopathic cystitis, though, not a UTI or blockage). The product is also available on Amazon.com, so I've seen. But that's down the road. I just cringe at "special diet" when that might not be necessary.

    The best vet-written info I've found on urinary tract issues is here:


    Maybe something else that could be passed on to Benny's new human, at the right time. Just a thought.

    Good luck to him!

  2. That is some vet you have there. Vets used to be that kind years back around here but now it's all about the money. I miss that caring affectionate attitude they once had. :( He is so gorgeous. I'm going to pray he finds a good home soon. Already I consider him a lucky cat. Hugs

  3. What a lovely house panther! We hope Benny finds a wonderful home in no time :)

  4. I am very glad your vet decided against putting him down. He is a beautiful boy. Good luck finding him a new home. He is in good hands now.

  5. I've had two cats with urinary blockages, and I too came to say that the right food - which is not necessarily a prescription food - will keep him on the straight and narrow. I also recommend catinfo.org's website to learn how to keep a kitty like this healthy.

    I hope you are able to find him a home

  6. First we think that the Vet was wonderful NOT to put him down..ohmy we won't even go there. Second, you are terrific to find Benny a home. I know you will and he looks like a little loverboy! We are sure he will find a great new home shortly.

  7. Ooh, he's a beauty! I LOVE black kitties. Good thing I don't live near you, what with Simon and now Benny looking for homes. I can tell how soft and glossy he is from the pictures.
    What a wonderful vet! She deserves big kudos.
    I have had two male cats with urinary blockages, and the diet is pretty straightforward - no big deal. Can't believe his owner wanted to put him down. He is one lucky cat to have found that vet, and then for her to have found you.

  8. He is beautiful, so glad the vet saved him.

  9. sweet Benny. I wish I could have you. xox


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