Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Community Cat Day!!

I'm celebrating Feral Cat Day with my former feral, Oliver.

Extra loves and treats for my special sweet boy. I have him to thank for introducing me to TNR, which in turn has helped many other feral cats.

On a different note, guess what I saw last night? - yep, they were doing it again!!

Nahum and Theo must cuddle more frequently than I ever knew! 
I bet they're practicing for the next Cat Olympics - going for the gold!

Willow, cuddling with me


  1. Snuggle season is fun! We love feral kitties and we love those who help them.

  2. must be getting cooler out there!!

    purrs to Oliver....he is a nice boy and we are glad you found each other. keep up the great TNR work

  3. Awwww you are all cute. Keep up the good work.


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