Friday, February 14, 2014

Catch up!

Where does the time go?! I've fallen behind on the news of the week. Time to catch up.

First off, our housemate recently moved into her new home, which means that Bear also now has a new home. Yea for them! He'll have some good kitty company in the new home as the two resident cats (Casper and Omar) are quite cool cats.

Jana and Bear in their new home!

photo courtesy of Jana
Bear starting to feel more comfortable in his new space.

 Exploring   photo courtesy of Jana

photo courtesy of Jana

Darling Katie Isabella bestowed the Sunshine Picnic Award to us!! Can you believe it?! We got an award!! Seems like it will be ages before anyone has a picnic in sunshine around here, but it's something to look forward to! Thanks Katie, you awesomes kitty!

I think that sunshine picnic is about Fancy Feast and mouses and nips - all the good stuffs!

It's hard to choose who all to share this happy award with. After a long and hard search, the following kitties, please come forward and accept this award for spreading sunshine amidst the dark, cold winter. Thank you all for being very generous with the warm light.

Brian's Home - especially Gracie, that she's feeling better after a rough season. 

Angel Prancer Pie - sweet Prancer Pie recently crossed over the rainbow bridge - he still brings sunshine in my heart

Fur Everywhere - Carmine and Jewel both recently had to take a bunch of tests, I think they passed!

Fuzzy Tales - Sweet and crazy cute Nicki and Derry - you two have to endure all that cold snow. You guys need some sunshine up there! Purrs to you all as you remember precious Annie.

I've been a little away from many blogs lately, so I'm sure I'm missing some important kitties. So, if you've been spreading sunshine recently too, please consider yourself awarded this lovely award.

Now it's time to break out the Friday dance!!!
Happy Friday!


  1. Bear looks pretty comfy to us. Hurray for a wonderful home! :-)

    Concats on the award and thanks for sharing it with us too. The trick will be to get our human to remember to post it. Ha.

  2. Yay for Bear! Happy Heart Day to you all!

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  3. Bear looks right at home!
    Happy Valentine's Day! Headbutts all around.

  4. Concatulations to Bear! Concatulations for the Sunshine Picnic Award! And Happy Valentines Day!

  5. You dear kitties...momma discovered that over a THOUSAND of her s and MY emails are going to "junk" and we don't know why. We have missed some kitty bloggies and that makes us sads. My human brother will be here Saturday and I hope he can help us here. xoxoxo


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