Thursday, February 6, 2014

staying warm

We're in the midst of another crazy cold time.

Oliver and his sons know how to best stay warm - cuddle!

Oliver and Pierre

Oliver and Pierre

Oliver with MK draped over his back

MK and Pierre

Oliver and MK

Even with all these kitties cuddled up on toasty warm heating pads, I still wish I could do more to keep them warmer. Of course Oliver spends his nights inside, where he's safe and warm. I tried locking MK inside with Oliver the other night, but MK cried and cried, so I let him back out. Can't move too fast.

I do love seeing them snuggled up on the heating pads in their insulated homes, so much better than trying to sleep out in the open. Through out my work days, I tune into my outdoor kitty cams and warm my heart seeing warm kitties!

I hope you all are staying warm too and getting good cuddles!


  1. They look snuggly-warm. Maybe MK will decide to stay in when he is satisfied in his mind that he can leave anytime he wants. The workings of the feline mind are mysterious indeed.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and wishing me well. I was able to take my medicine this evening with a minimum of drama and angst.

  2. You have added to their comfort and they are doing the rest!

  3. I know this sounds punny, but seriously, how heartwarming!

  4. You are giving them a nice warm place to come in from the cold--and they look plenty content in their kitty piles!

  5. You make mine and mom's heart sing with your everlasting kindness.

    We gave you an award and we hope you will come by my blog and get it.

  6. you do so much and caring is everything. Lovely to to visit you, Helen, Darcy, Bingley xxx


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