Saturday, November 22, 2014


This morning, as I was lying in bed not wanting to get up, I starting thinking about the outside cats. I thought of how I might try luring MK onto the back porch at night by feeding them Kentucky Fried Chicken or something similar. Cats love that nasty stuff!

Then I thought about how getting two out of the three boys safe for the night was great and might be all I can do, thus I need to accept it as success. Acceptance of such things when it comes to the cats is not easy for me.

After all that thinking, it was time to get out of the warm bed and go feed the outside cats breakfast. I love feeding them breakfast, it brings me such joy! One time a while ago, Laura thought she was being generous and fed them for me as I stayed warm in bed, but I was so disappointed and mad! After working through my feelings I was able to get to see the kindness in her gesture, but she's told me now that she won't make that mistake again! Seeing the family out there, safe and healthy on the back porch starts my day off with a major happy!

Imagine my surprise this morning when I went out to the back porch with their breakfast and I find three boys out there waiting for me! Yes, MK had figured out how to work the SureFlap cat door and let himself in! My dream come true! And he looked happy, not at all stressed! He came right over to me and circled my legs, like Oliver was doing. When I scooped the food into the dish he was calmly and curiously sniffing my fingers.

Seeing MK safe and happy with his family on the back porch brings me such incredible joy! Yea for MK! He so adores Oliver, so now he can come in and visit Oliver any time he wants, day or night!

10:00am -- Update

In honor of MK's big achievement and the delight it brings me, I've declared today official MK Day!

Nov 22, 2014 10:02am
MK and Oliver are enjoying a lazy Saturday morning cuddle on the back porch!

MK hasn't been sticking around much in the days lately, so seeing him here so late in the day is wonderful. My dream would be for Pierre and MK (and Oliver of course) to live here always and never wander off the property. I keep trying to make it more and more attractive to them so they wander less and maybe its working!

The heated bed they are snuggled up in was built for single cat occupancy, but obviously, I underestimated their cuddle needs. So, that needs to be rectified ASAP! A bigger heated bed is being engineered. I want something with a removable canopy/roof type thing, so in the real cold, it will hold some of the heat in.

Happy MK Day!!


  1. Great news. This will give you less worry for them.

  2. Wonderful! I can imagine how happy MK being inside made you feel.
    I had to laugh about the KFC. Our kitties love it too. Funny how cats are into the greasy stuff the same way humans are. One of ours also really loves Chef Boy R'dee spaghetti too. Crazy!

  3. *Happy dance*! :-)

    Hurrah for MK! Seriously, how could he NOT want to hang around? He has access to the best kitty hotel ever!

  4. Cats never cease to surprise us. happy MK day!

  5. Happy MK day for sure! I know seeing him out there this morning was wonderful. It's amazing the JOY our furry ones' bring us.

  6. Oh yes, let's all celebrate MK Day with a happy dance. We know that kind of joy first paw around these parts. Bravo MK!

  7. Well that IS something to celebrate! Happy MK Day and may this be the beginning of many more................

    Hugs, Sammy

  8. Happy MK DAY! I am overjoyed as well!!! ❤️

  9. Happy MK Day! That is definitely a reason to celebrate. THey look very cozy and content. Please visit us, Phoebe is having a contest.

  10. Man oh man, I TOTALLY understand! Watching my outside cats eat, seeing them jump in or out of the shelters we've made for makes my heart sing! When I must work late, the hubby will feed Patty and Sweetie for me, but as soon as I get home, I park the car and walk to the backyard to say hello. Our inside babies have both of us to fawn over them, but the 'o' cats are mostly my responsibility. And I just love them to pieces!

  11. that is a great thing to celebrate!!! Happy MK!!

  12. You guys look like me about a hundred years ago. Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing your very kind words and thoughts. I'm still plugging along, and it means tons to know that so many are pulling for me. Nice to meet you!

  13. I commented but then I got a weird error message so I don't know if you go it.. but if not, I'm happy for you.

    1. so apparently you didn't get it. I wished you a happy MK day, and Happy Cat Guy day too ;)

      I also love watching cats eat, but more my foster kittens as I tend to take my own cats eating for granted. But after an illness I will happily watch them eat..

  14. Happy (belated) MK Day! That is such great news, and worthy of a celebration. :)

    It's real nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by our blog, and for your nice comment, and purrs and prayers for our sweet Moosey.

  15. That is FANTASTIC!!! Every time you talk about the kitties, I can *feel* your joy, and it makes me so happy. It is clear how much you love all of your babies, and they are very lucky to have you. I hope MK will hang around on the porch a lot more now that he knows where his family is and knows where to find a nice warm bed :)

  16. You do so much for these cats - hope they end up sticking around more. I know the feeling - I hated to see mine wander off, worrying what may happen. We were fortunate enough to have q place to bring them all indoors. Wishing you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Cats of wildcat woods


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