Sunday, November 30, 2014


Christmas came a little early for Oliver and his family. With the temperature scheduled to dip into crazy cold, 20°F (-7°C), it was time to get him a larger bed and to rig up a fleece canopy to try to keep the heat in from the heating pad.

I had a coupon for Petco and found the perfect bed! It's even an "orthopedic" bed, which offers "superior support" and "aids in relieving pressure points." It's big enough for two maybe even three kitties, so they can enjoy a nice snuggle fest. The cover of the bed can be removed for easy washing, which is a huge improvement from the past smaller bed.

I built a wood cradle for the bed and created a wire frame to hold the fleece blanket. 

Of course with that canopy on there, I won't be able to see if the bed is occupied. Once they get the hang of the covered bed, I'll may rig something similar up on the loft bed. Fleece does a good job holding the warm air in and with it being so loose, they can escape if they need to. 

Along with the new heated bed and the heated loft, they also have the fully heated and insulated kitty castle, which is the space I built over the basement entry a few summers ago. (I was going to post a link to where I previously posted about the kitty castle, but I couldn't find such a post, so I must never of posted about it! Yikes, I'll rectify that this week.) The castle is a pretty large space and since it's insulated, it does a great job keeping the heat in - and when I just popped out on the back porch to see where they were, both Pierre and Oliver were cuddled up on the heating pad in the castle! Yea!! They can choose whichever warm place they desire, I just want them to be warm and comfortable.

Stay warm my precious sweet Oliver, Pierre and MK!

Meanwhile, inside the house...

Bert's getting to explore the entire house as we continue the integration process. 

He seems to be enjoying the new space.

And there's still the occasional hiss.

Then he found the nip nanner, which seemed to calm him...

he's such a nip-head!


  1. You're amazingly creative and handy, and Oliver and his family have the GOOD life, thanks to you. :-)

    LOL @ Bert's hiss...Paws crossed that there's less of that, more peaceful coexistence.

    P.S. Thanks for the comment on the "purpose versus meaning" post. You certainly do provide food for (more) thought! I actually saved the comment in my email--I keep rereading it. :-)

  2. Great warm spots for the "outies" and the inside gang looks pretty content as well.....Bert does love that nip nanner - he's a gorgeous big boy!

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. That was sweet of you to set up such a warm spot for the kitties. ANd the inside kitties all look really, really happy. Those nip nanas are great- we have a candy cane from that brand and the cats go crazy.

  4. What a warm and cozy space for Oliver and family! Wishing them a warm winter in their new warm bed!

  5. That looks like such a good idea with the fleece. I bet that does keep them a little warmer. I have made several houses outside for some of mine and they are going into them. I am now putting boxes on the porch to give them some wind break. Those kitties are so very lucky to have you to take care of them. It is hard with cats that live outside.

  6. What blessings you bring to that sweet ️cat family which as adopted you.

  7. What wonderful cozy spaces you have created for the "O" cats! They are very lucky kitties. And Bert looks right at home.

  8. I am 100% jealous of the heated space you have for your outside cats! In my dreams, Patty and Sweetie would be housed in our barn, instead of in insulated, wooden boxes on the back deck. Am trying hard to make the dream a reality, but it may not be possible until next year. I left the barn door open for Patty to follow me inside today, but he only got to the threshold then turned away. Probably because it was so cold!

  9. You totally ROCK those kitties' world!! We got out the heaty beds this week too...Scouty is happy now he discovered the one on the Catio.

    Fingers crossed for Bert...


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