Monday, December 1, 2014

Gromit needs purrs

My dear friend Lisa's beloved Chocolate Lab, Gromit, is in need of some purrs.

As you can see, Gromit has an amazing power,
he can make Lisa's face beam with joy.
Gromit's been battling cancer for some time and after a short remission, things doesn't appear to be going so well. He's had several rounds of chemo and now there are signs his liver is not holding up, while the skin lesions appear to be returning. They go back to visit the oncologist this morning.  Please pray and purr for their well-being.

Longtime blog followers may remember Gromit, he's shown up in many posts over the years. And did you know that Theo and Gromit are old friends? Yep, back in the days when Theo would travel, he would come with us to visit Lisa and Gromit at their house and Lisa always brought Gromit to our place when she visited.

Theo, eating treats off of Gromit's paw
Theo, preforming a quality control audit of Gromit's food dish
Gromit playing ball in our yard, while Theo snoopervises
Gromit loves to eat corn on the cob!
Theo loves to eat corn on the cob!
Gromit's a good-sized Chocolate Lab but that doesn't stop him from being a lap dog!
Rose daringly checks out Gromit
Gromit                                    Nov. 29, 2014
Don't tell Theo, but Gromit's favorite toy is a stuffed cat. He's loved on this toy so much that Lisa has had to patch it back up, thus it has become known as Franken-kitty.
Franken-kitty, Gromit's favorite toy
Please send your purrs for Gromit and Lisa, we are all so worried about them.


  1. We're sending our purrayers to Gromit and Lisa, for Gromit's Highest Good. We hope for remission again, will pray for love and mercy and strength and peace and healing.

  2. Purrs and prayers to dear Gromit from all of us.

  3. We're sad to hear about Gromit's cancer. Seems like he is such a sweet dog. We're sending purrs and prayers their way.

  4. Many deep purrs for Gromit and Lisa. There is never a good time to deal with any health set backs.

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  6. Oh, Gromit, get well soon! What kind of world are we living in, if the animals get cancer too? I'll pray for you.


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