Thursday, December 11, 2014

I heart my cardiologist

Thank you everyone for your kind comments and purrs for Buddy - they have warmed my heart and helped me hang on in the time of unknowing. Thank you, thank you!!

Since my Wednesday schedule was light and I wasn't feeling all that great, I decided to work from home for a little bit. Willow decided she would assist me in my work.

Even though she zonked out on the job, the purrs never stopped.

Everyday Willow gets more affectionate.

After over an hour of Willow's hard work, I had to get up so I could take Buddy to the cardiologist. Willow wasn't happy about ending her work day so early, but she managed.

The cardiologist's office is a good distance away, so I left really early and thus got there early. Buddy got to hang out with me in the car as we waited. He doesn't get frightened by unfamiliar space (or much of anything for that matter). So, he was happy to get to leave his carrier and explore the car while  we waited.

Then the time came to meet with the cardiologist, Dr. Woodfield. He explained to me how things were going to go and then we got down to business. He first listened to Buddy's heart.

Listening to the heart sounds
Then came time to look at Buddy's heart using the magic probe. I'm thrilled that he didn't need to shave Buddy's soft tummy furs. My regular vet always shaves off a bunch of furs to do an ultrasound. Maybe the extra schooling required to become a cardiologist teaches them how to work the ultrasound over the furs?! Maybe next time I'll request for my vet not to shave and see what happens.

Dr. Woodfield, using his magic wand to peek into Buddy's inner-workings
The results showed that Buddy's heart is in good shape. He doesn't suspect heart disease but believes the murmur is coming from old age. Apparently, it's not all that uncommon for older cats to develop a murmur as the heart ages. I'm so happy to hear this news! We don't need to do anything unless something changes in his vitals or his symptoms! Yahoo!!!

I really liked this vet, in fact, I liked him a lot. He's really down to earth and there is no hidden magic. I loved that he did the exam and ultrasound with me helping out. I got to be there to hold Buddy and comfort him, although, I'm not sure he needed any comforting, he was more curious and not the least bit frightened. As the cardiologist worked the ultrasound, he explained to me what he was seeing, which was quite different than what I saw. He saw various chambers of the heart and flowing blood, I saw psychedelic abstract art in motion.

I learned Dr. Woodfield's wife, Dr. Wilford, was the founder of Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project (our local amazing low-cost, high volume cat spay/neuter clinic). How awesome is that!! She's since moved on to do TNR advocacy on a nationwide level and is assisting with TNR research.

Full disclosure: the last two pictures of Buddy getting examined were a reenactment. Dr. Woodfield graciously cooperated with reenacting the exciting parts of the examination for the sake of you, all my devoted blog followers. Even though the actions occurring in these images were staged, the images on the ultrasound screen are authentic.

Thank you again everyone for your purrs and kind words. You all are an amazingly awesome community, thank you.


  1. So glad to hear the good news! Way to go, Buddy!

  2. We're so happy Buddy's heart is fine that we're feeling all leaky eyed at the moment. Okay, our human is. She could well imagine your stress and anxiety, and hope that this good news eases your mind and that you have a GOOD day.

    Purrs and smooches to Buddy, what a good mancat he is!

  3. Yay for Buddy! So relieved and what an awesome vet. Charlie has a slight heart murmur and we also think it's from old age. So happy for you guys!

  4. Such terrific news so pardon us while we happy dance!

  5. Love the photos of Willow helping :)

    and i adore the reenactment. Dr. Woodfield is very kind and generous to take the time for you to take some photos.

    I'm so glad that it is good news and you can stop worrying so much.

  6. gotta love a good office assistant. so glad to hear about Buddy's good news - hopefully you can get him to put on a little weight now too.....

  7. I am glad you found such a kind, caring vet. That is great that shaving wasn' t needed and you could help. I am sure you feel much better now knowing Buddy's heart looked good. I will pray for him to have continued good health.

  8. What a great vet you found! It's so great when human or animal doctors give you extra time and interest.

  9. We're glad you found a good vet! That can be tough, especially with serious issues like heart.

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  11. So glad to hear it is "just" a murmur, and not something more serious. There are some tricks for increasing appetite too, oral meds (often given daily) and also Vitamin (B12?) injections (longer lasting). The injection is my trick of choice - but is quite painful when injected....just info for you to tuck away in case it is needed in the future - here is a link suggesting even giving it orally!

  12. So happy that things are not serious for Buddy. Our Lily Olivia is 15 and our vet noticed what she called a stage 2 heart murmur on her last exam and said it was old-age related. Your photos of you, computer and Willow look as if they could have been taken at our house. Ho, ho, ho, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  13. I am so so so happy!
    Great news for Buddy and you!

  14. Glad to hear Buddy's heart problem is just as mine is - old age murmur. It's not easy getting old (my Mom agrees with that statement..haha). But one thing is that as long as it's not heart disease, we're "good to go" even with a little murmur!! Glad you got good news....this is a time of the year for GOOD news not sad news............sending you big hugs of "happy" !

    Hugs, Sammy

  15. Yesterday, it would not allow me to comment for some reason but today, I say how grateful I am that all is well after all for Buddy. And when Willow comes to help I know you are thrilled. I would be as well.

  16. We're glad to hear things aren't as bad as feared. Buddy is just getting on in years like a lot of us ;-)


  18. I love it when my cats "help" me work :)
    I'm so happy to hear about Buddy!!! What a sweet guy, he's so brave!

  19. Pawsome news! Skootch has had a heart murmur ever since he was a kitten, and it hasn't slowed him down.


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