Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gromit update

Thank you everyone for your ongoing purrs for Gromit and Lisa. You all are so kind. Please keep the purrs coming.

I had the opportunity to go with Lisa to the vet appointment today. Gromit's liver values are higher than we would like, but the recommendation is to try another round of chemo. Considering the other options, it's the best option out of a bunch of not great options. Gromit is being a good sport about all this stuff, he's such a gentle, sweet dog.

This is Oliver, not Gromit!
And a quick a rant about the veterinarian speciality center that we went to. I've been to a speciality vet clinic with several of my cats and it was very similar to my regular vet experience, only more expensive. But Lisa's vet specialty center does things very differently than what I've been used to, upon entering there is a large open waiting room. After checking in, the vet tech meets you in the waiting room, gets the update about the dog and then takes the dog back and leaves you in the waiting room. After some time, the vet comes out and discusses the situation about your dog, right there in the waiting room in front of the world. Once that conversation is complete, they finish up the paperwork and the vet tech returns your dog. Lisa tells me if they have bad news to deliver they will bring you to a room to talk with the vet, or you can request a private room, but my guess is such a request would probably bring about an additional charge.

I was absolutely shocked at the lack of privacy, it felt overtly cruel and extremely dishonoring. I know for me, talking with my vet about the wellbeing of my cats and making difficult end of life choices feels very vulnerable to me, so to do this in a loud waiting room with lots of other people listening in would be horrifying. This type of service is what I would expect from an automobile service center, not a medical or veterinary establishment.

Sadly, it would be difficult for Lisa to change oncologists now, with Gromit near the end of his battle with cancer. She's going to stick it out with this place for now, but next time she needs a specialist, I'll be happy to introduce her to a place that in my opinion, respects the intimate relationship between pet and human. Before today, I had no idea this kind of place existed, has anyone else experienced a place that does things like this?


  1. Poor Lisa, poor Gromit...

    Could she call ahead and make an appointment for a more private consult? Maybe they need to be told about this distressing policy.

  2. I am so sorry about that experience. I see they treat the pets and parents like an assembly line. I don't like that at all. I hope she will change vets. Katnip Lounge has a good point. TELL them that they should consider another way.

  3. That sounds awful! My Vet is wonderful and takes all the time I need to talk to her. Poor Lisa and Gromit. Charlie and I are sending extra special purrs to them!

  4. Purrs and hugs to dear Gromit. We sure wouldn't like that place. Our specialty practice isn't that way at all. The Vets, all of them, and we've seen Derm, Internal Medicine, and Dentisty, has all sat of the floor and loved on the kitty while discussing their treatment...all in private.

  5. At least there are options of treatment. I went to a specialty clinic in south Tacoma with Gracie about a year and a half ago, and it was EXACTLY as you described. Thought it might have been the same one, but not likely, as this is a long drive for you for that! I thought it was odd as well, but they had more equipment and options than a regular vet could handle. And of course, it was very pricey! With a sick animal, price is not an object.

  6. I do NOT like the sound of that! No one handles my animal friend without me present! I am so sorry Gromit is sick, and I wish only the best for him.
    P.S. Your photo of Oliver made me laugh; I'm thinking "that's a cat, but where's the dog...?" Then I read the caption...cute!

  7. we are sending purrs and hope Gromit has all the quality time they can get. as for the vet, that just seems cruel....

  8. We will continue to purr for Gromit.
    We would not care for the practice of that practice.

  9. OMC Dat's just pawful. Dat's not wight, not wight at all. So sorry she has to go fwu this wiff everypawdy in da waitin' room. Sendin' purrs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi


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