Monday, November 3, 2014


I'm away from the cats for the entire week. I like traveling, but I hate leaving the cats.

I think this means Buddy wants to come with me

First I'm in Michigan for a training class and recreation, then off to New England to visit family and more relaxing. I'll be keeping an eye on all the kitties by checking in on the seven kitty-cams spread across the various kitty habitats. 

Before leaving, I brought Buddy to the vet. He's been losing weight even though he eats like a horse and he horks almost daily. He's getting older (~15 years), so I wanted to get a full blood work-up. 

I got the results back, his thyroid T4 is elevated. It has been going up over the past few tests, so now we start medicating. His BUN (kidney) level was higher than we would have liked to find too. I'm worried about my tummy-rub-addict senior. When we get back from our trip, we'll start the medication. Meanwhile, purrs for his health would be appreciated. I want many, many more years with this guy, but my heart tells me that most likely will not be so.


  1. Lots of purrs and purrayers to Buddy. You probably remember that Annie was hyper-t. There's tons of good info on the web about it, and you can do the methimazole via pill or via transdermal gel. If the I-131 is an option, it's something to consider, though at his age (and with elevated kidney values) it might not be feasible.

    Smooches to him.

  2. Hugs and purrs to both of you. My Himalayan lived many years with CRF. When she reached the point she had to eat a special diet and wouldn't, I knew it was time to say goodbye. She lived a wonderful 20 years.

  3. I know with medication you can control the Hyper-T. With the elevated kidney values it will be a bit more tricky. My understanding and please check this with your vet you want to go in with low dosages of medication for thyroid to see how it affects the kidney values. Because the medication will start putting more pressure on the kidneys. But, we will be saying big big prayers and purrs for Buddy.

  4. Purrs to Buddy! I can only echo the comments above...there is a ton of info available, and with your loving care, Buddy should have lots of time left. Hope you enjoy your visit to Michigan; it's cold here only on the weekends (weird!) but the leaves are falling.

  5. Purrs and Prayers for Buddy. My 16 yr old Charlie just started throid meds and I'm hoping it helps. He is horking a few times a day and very clingy right now. We go back next week to the Vet and I'm hoping the meds have helped because I think it's making him throw up even more then before! What do they say...there is a little poison in all meds? anyway, hope you have a good trip and that Buddy will do fine with his meds.

  6. I send many purrs for Buddy ! I hope nothing serious..paws crossed for that
    And purrs for you too, Have a safe trip
    Take care

  7. Purrs and prayers for Buddy...where in Michigan are you? I am 34 miles North of Detroit, if you were near me, I would invite you to dinner!

  8. Purrs for you and Buddy....have a safe trip

  9. My mom-person LOVE to travel and are glad that my dad-person hate it , so he is at home taking care of me :)

    Sending (((purrs))) to Buddy <3

  10. I just got back from a trip and my cat is dealing with thyroid issues.. so I feel for you. Purrs for healing and comfort and no post travel cold


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