Thursday, March 26, 2015

nugget raid

Laura came home to find this:

Buddy's nugget bin had been raided and Theo was feasting.

Theo checking out the bins

One might suspect Theo as the guilty party, however, the night prior, I found Nahum out there alone working over the latch. He had successfully opened it without toppling the bin.

These food bins have been located here for years.
Many of Theo's bad habits have rubbed off on Nahum. In this case, Nahum had gotten his fill of food and left the scene, while Theo kept eating and eating. Come dinner time the guilty parties became evident as Nahum and Theo expressed little interest in food.

Later on in the evening, I asked Nahum to show me how he accomplished this, but he only sat quietly and looked fluffy. So, with Nahum not cooperating in my investigation, I asked his accomplice. Theo was very willing to show me how the process works in exchange for some of the loot.

First step involves using one's pointy nose to pry open the latch and lid...

then survey the loot to make sure you got the right nugget bin... (don't want to inadvertently break into the bin of low fat-nuggets!)

then place face in nuggets and feast!!

The way these boys act, you might think they never get fed, but in reality they get two full meals every day! Sigh. I guess it's time to figure out how to re-secure the secure nugget bins.


  1. Oh! LOL! Theo, c'mon, you shouldn't have given it all away! Now you'll have a new challenge to face, after your human re-secures the bin! :-D

  2. Laughing! Charlie will open a bag if I don't hide it but he has not figured out how to get into the plastic bins of nuggets! Cats are so darn smart!

  3. Oh my word, we loved it!!! That is so funny how Theo showed you how it all went down.

  4. Theo, you are one smart boy to get right in that nugget bin. We can't figure ours out but we have tried. You all have a super Friday.

  5. omg....we apparently missed some posts....too funny (no wonder mom uses a rubbermaid tote that snaps shut)

  6. Hahaha! That last shot of Theo is too funny!

  7. Those are some very smart kitties! :)

    How about putting that third container on top of the first two?

    1. Stacking them might help, but they serve a second purpose beside holding food and treats. The larger container is used by Buddy as the bottom step to get to the counter. Without that container there, he would not be able to get to the counter anymore, and thus would miss seeing out the kitchen window.


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