Tuesday, April 14, 2015

line 'em up

The scene outside the bathroom door...

when Buddy's getting second dinner!


  1. but why is he getting a second dinner? this is not fair!
    Signed: all the three of them :)

  2. Oh yea, closed doors get long lines here too, regardless of the reason!

  3. If there is food somewhere, the cats will know! Love Christina's comment above!

  4. Oh my! That resembles our house from time to time!

  5. looks like the scene mom sees when she feeds the momma cat and opens the door :)

  6. I know that line all too well. Fleurp gets food with medicine on it so I get that all the time

  7. guys...we saw ewe post over at

    I have three cats....

    and wanted ta stop bye & say meow!! veree nice two meet everee one...

    we hope sum time ewe can stop bye trout towne, grab a hammick ore two N help yur selves ta whatz cookin on de grill !!! we have foodz a grillin 25/8/366 ☺

    heerz two a happee twozday !!!!!


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