Sunday, April 26, 2015

vet time adventures

It's that time of the year; time to load up the kitty-household and walk them next door to the vet for their annual service. We take them all in at once to get the bulk-rate, which is a considerable savings.

Five cats in one visit is a lot to keep track of!

Laura got to enjoy some time holding Rose. Sadly, this is one of the few opportunities to hold her as she is so terrified of humans. You can see that she is a long ways from being relaxed!

Precious Rose

Nahum's decided to wait out the experience in his carrier.

Nahum, Willow, and Theo are now considered seniors. I'm in complete disbelief about this. How can they be seven?! It seems we've only had them a few years. Our only non-senior is Rose. Gosh, Time, why you playing tricks on me?! This is crazy! 

The exams went well, everyone easily passed, with many affirming comments about how beautiful they are. The vet even said their teeth look good! Fluffy Nahum always gets the most praise, which is not a surprise considering how big, beautiful, and good natured he is. He purrs through everything.

Being seniors means they each got a benchmark senior blood panel done. The vet called later with the results. Everyone looks good except for Buddy, his kidney and thyroid values continue to slip. He's experiencing kidney failure and his thyroid is no longer working within factory specs. We will be up'ing his medication a little and hoping for the best. I know the cats are only on loan to us for a time, I just wish I could extend the term of the loans to indefinite. 

Last year, when Willow went to the vet, she had to have some teeth pulled. She came home from that experience much more lovey and cuddly. Well, this time around, no teeth were pulled, but she again came back a changed cat. A few hours after being home, she did her best Buddy impression...

Buddy does this dozens of times a day, Willow never does this!

Being a rare experience, I only took about forty thousand photos.

Pure love and sweetness - that's my little girl! 
I might just have to take her next door more often!


  1. We're glad that's over and done with. Poor Rose, so scared. Purrs for Buddy, and awwwws for those adorable photos of precious Willow.

  2. With yesterday being World Veterinary Day this was the perfect post! I gotta tell ya, you live right next door to the vet????!!! Hmmmm...even though my boys LOVE their vet, I am not sure how they would feel living right next door to it! Have a great day!

  3. So glad to hear that everyone is doing pretty darn good and we'll purr for Buddy. Willow you are just so so sweet!

  4. Such sweet photos and I'm glad all is well.

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  6. This whole blog is making me and mommy smile SO big. I am so happy everyone is doing well and are going to get more meds to make you feel better. You are a precious boy as are all of you. Rose, I so wish you could overcome that fear. I know your family does too.

  7. She is so glad to come home she loves on you lots and lots. It's hard sometimes to know our cats are aging but all we can do is our best for them and love them. I know you do lots and lots of that.

  8. " I know the cats are only on loan to us for a time, I just wish I could extend the term of the loans to indefinite" this line caused a major lump to form in my throat! How I too love my kitties, and rejoice when there is an extra head-bump or roll-on-the-ground-so-I-can-pet-a-furry-tummy. Here's hoping Buddy's extra meds will help him.

  9. Nothing is more stressful than going to the vet. Nothing is more happy than being home again!

  10. good thing the camera was near by :) When Eli finally forgave me for taking him to the vet he was a bit more cuddly for a couple of days too. it was nice


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