Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I took the week off of work, which means more time at home with the furry family! Two days of vacation are now in the bag - each has been productive yet somehow restful. My to-do list is quite large, yet I'm trying to take it slow and easy, but of course trying to meet the demands of the furry ones is always a full-time job!

Oliver inside time!

Tummy rubs!

Buddy asked for lunch, so Buddy gets lunch!

More tummy rubs!

Car load of junk loaded up for oneway trip to Goodwill

My helpers take a well deserved rest break

Mr. Fluffy-Butter needs adoring

Rose asks for lunch

Rose gets lunch!

Evening lap-time with Bert

Hopefully, I'll get to start my vacation soon!


  1. LOL. Yes, "vacation" times means more time to attend to the demands of those who rule the house. As for the "to do" list, what to do list? I'm impressed they're even letting you make a Goodwill run! :-)

  2. We call Chucky our union rep...he makes sure we take timely breaks (in order to fuss over him!) and to pace ourselves (in order to feed/pet/play with him!) He has already inspected my pile of items to go to charity this weekend, and given a paws up!

  3. I always enjoyed staycations. Never was stressed when I went back to work. I will admit my body doesn't like to travel, though.

  4. we think that looks like a great vacation so far Enjoy!!

  5. Now that's what I call a good vacation.

  6. I'm a stay at home 'kitty mom' myself!!

  7. guys...tell yur dad hiz vacationz will start when him goes bak TWO werk !!!!! keep him on his toes while heez home.....itz what we due best ...rite !!! ♥♥♥

  8. Glad you got lots of time with the kitties. And you got to declutter too :)

  9. My holidays (coming in June!) are about the same: staying home with the cats and doing chores - but chores that aren't AT work don't seem to be quite work; from what you wrote here, I think you know what I mean.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog, especially about Tungsten. They are special friends, these furry ones.

  10. Oh Kitties, you are so so so fortunate to be so deeply loved and cared for. I know you love your parents right back and just as much. Rose too. Yes, she does.


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