Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas is coming!

Our sweet friends Dezi and Lexi over at Deziz World gifted us with some special Christmas cheer! We are so grafetul!! We needed to get with the holiday times but none of us here are savvy with the know-hows to work such magic.

Nahum also wishes you a happy Christmas! He was too busy working on staying fluffy to show up for the photo shoot. It's not easy being floofy!

This last photo is precious. It's me holding dear Max, my first kitty, in the last few hours of his life. He opened my heart to the amazingness of cats, a gift that keeps on giving. I will always miss him and always be grateful for being the best cat ever. He's was my first Christmas cat!

Update on Nahum and Buddy - Nahum seems to be back to his usual healthy, fluffy self. Must of just had a few off days. He's our healthiest kitty, I don't think he's ever had to go to the vet for anything except annual pokes. Meanwhile, Buddy seems to be a bit better too. He's back to smelling good (like Buddy). His appetite is still up and down, with times of not wanting to eat and other times of eating. Overall, I think he's eating more now than he was last week. I'm still waiting to talk with my vet about the test results, hopefully we'll be able to connect soon.

Thank you everyone who offered ideas and suggestions about Buddy. He's been getting Pepcid for about a year or so. It helped. Along with CRF and hyperthyroidism, he also has IBD. He gets daily steroid pill that does wonders for the IBD. He also gets a morning and evening compliment of tummy rubs, which he always tells me is not enough. When I pop home for lunch he corners me and demands midday tummy rubs too. Tummy rubs are endless with him.

I'm grateful for the kitty insurance - Buddy's 16 years old and costs about $85 a month to insure (we use PetPlan). That covers $14,000 in veterinary costs per year with only a $50-deductible per illness and reimbursement of 100% of costs. So, that means when things come up for him, I can do all sorts of diagnostics and it won't cost me any more than $50. Expenses like medications and sub-q fluids are all covered too. Even dentals are covered if the vet says they are needed. Most years with Buddy, we've received way more in reimbursed vet expenses than we've paid for his premium. And best of all, I don't have to stress about making medical choices based on cost.  I stress enough over the cat's health, so removing the financial stress out of the mix sure helps me sleep at night. Ok, commercial over - back to the normal programming. (By the way, I don't receive any kickback from PetPlan for sharing my opinions about their services.)


  1. Sweet photos and the problems of aging cats is hard for sure. Hugs and Merry Christmas to all!


  2. What a nice tribute to Max! Glad Nahum and Buddy seem better; hope the doc's news is good. Guess I could check to see how much insurance would cost for our two 11 year-olds, and wonder if they insure friendly ferals? I've taken my two into the vet twice this year; you'd think they'd catch on to my feeding-station-replaced-by-drop-trap trick!

  3. Glad you like da photos, we though we missed sumpawdy but kuldn't figger out who. We'll ketch him next time. :) Glad to hear everypawdy is doin' good. And fanks fur da 411 on da pet insurance. It's too late fur sis Lexi but mommy keeps lookin' at it fur me. She just hasn't taken da leap cuz of cost and no money. But sounds like she might need to look again. Hope you all have a blest day. Sendin' purrayers fur continued health, luv and happiness fur all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  4. That's some beautiful artwork! Sweet purrs to Nahum and Buddy from all of us.

  5. The cards are nice and would be nice to mail out as snail mail versions. I am inspired to play around and see if I can make one for the holiday formerly known as Christmas.

    Greg, Zeke, Opie, Marigold, Scooby



    heerz two a mustache triggerfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  7. Those are sweet and beautiful cards. And Yippee for feeling better, Nahum and Buddy! Thank goodness for pet insurance!

  8. That was so sweet. I know you know she made ME one too. We are lesser with her friendship.

  9. What a great Christmas card! Happy to hear Nahum and Buddy are feeling better. Hmmmmmmm--maybe those tummy rubs helped! It's obvious Max touched your heart in a very special way. I wish everyone could experience the love of a Max at least once in their life--it can be life-changing both for the person and for the cat! I'll continue to send healing thoughts and prayers until Nahum and Buddy are completely back to normal.

  10. Dezi and Lexi are very sweet. I always thought pet insurance was a scam and didn't cover much. I am glad to know yours is so good.

  11. It's good to hear that Nahum and Buddy are improved. It's very frightening when they sicken and you don't know why. I will get pet insurance if I get another cat, I think.

    That picture of you and Max reminds me of Tungsten and me, at the veterinary hospital when I had to say good-bye to her. I held her at the window and we looked out together, just like we always did. It was the last time.

  12. so glad to hear the insurance is working well for you. every time I priced it out I couldn't have ever recouped my costs in all but the harshest of circumstances.. I guess they have improved the plans since I last priced them out.


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