Wednesday, March 14, 2018

dreams come true

As you know, back at the old house I would bring Oliver inside for supervised inside kitty time. He loved being inside. He would often look over at the big cat tree longingly and sometimes tried to explore it, but I would never let him because of his bad habits. The other day, I witnessed him getting to freely explore the same cat tree, now located in our apartment.

He seemed overjoyed to hangout on the tree - seeing him do so brought me to tears. For years, I dreamt of having Oliver be an inside cat but felt overwhelmed by that prospect because it just felt impossible. 

Seeing him enjoy the inside kitty life makes my heart glow with joy.

I'm currently traveling away from home for work and Laura's taking care of the kitty crew. She reports Oliver's been under the weather lately, so she took him to the vet, who diagnosed him with a sinus infection. He's now on some meds but is not wanting to eat - so please purr and pray for him. It's hard to be away from my sick baby. I wish I could snuggle him in my lap and give him some healing cuddles, but that'll have to wait until Friday, when I get back home. Laura reported that he's finally eating this morning and seems more himself - yea! 

Laura reports that Rose has been exploring the world and settling in. Yah!!


  1. I'm so happy for Oliver! He has captured my heart since you first started taking care of this lovely wild cat.

  2. Big purrs for Oliver to feel better and I'm so glad he is inside and doing well with that.

  3. Hope you feel 100% again soon, Oliver! Glad to hear that Rose is getting comfy.

  4. Glad things have turned out well for Oliver and the rest of the gang.


  5. dood...good things due come two thoz who wait !!!

    ....sorree ya catched a bug but happee yur doin better...sinuz stufz noe fun ...

    st francis' blessings two ewe for continmewed healtheez ~~~~~ ♥♥

  6. Dang Oliver, purrs and prayers from all of us pal.

  7. I will be praying for Oliver. Has Laura tried heating his food so he can smell it better?

  8. Oliver..I am so in love with you and Pierre and Nora. I know Nora isn't there but I know she was provided for, but here I want to say that I have tears in the backs of my eyes at this great news of Oliver. And Katie will err and I will pray for him to get well quickly. Rose, what a good girl you are. XXX


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