Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Marvin's Gotcha-day!

I'm remembering Marvin today on his gotcha-day. Such a small little guy, but I sure miss him.

I thought it would be fun to reflect back on his first gotcha day by revisiting the first post about him on my TNR blog (now defunct).

Travel back in time to 2015...


I haven’t posted much in a while because I haven’t done much TNR in quite some time. After I TNR’ed Bert last year, I pretty much just spent time on him and teaching my monthly TNR class.
And then the other day I got an email requesting help with a skinny cat that had showed up outside someone’s place. I popped over with my trap.

They started feeding it but could tell it needed more help than they could provide, so they reached out for help. So, I stopped over, set a trap and about five minutes later, had my boy.

He’s friendly, a non-microchipped Siamese neutered boy, who’s scared and way to skinny. I’ve started feeding him and working on getting him to trust me more. Soon he’ll be getting looked over by the vet and vaccinated.

 I love his gorgeous brown color!

For now, I’m calling him Marvin! Let’s hope he’s virus free and doesn’t have any major health issues!

Marvin quickly wormed his way into my heart. It didn't take long before I had got him the needed medical care and then he moved into the house for recuperation and love. He was small in stature but he sure did have a set of lungs, that boy could make some noise! I have an audio recording of his sound that I want to figure out how to share sometime, I also have a movie of him playing fetch which is adorable. I'll get to work on figuring out how to share those here - stay tuned.

Some classic Marvin pictures to close with.


  1. He was such a sweet, sweet soul and so happy to be home with you. Hugs from all of us.

  2. It was Marvin's lucky day when he walked into that trap. His time with you was much too short (isn't it always), but filled with love and joy. RIP Marvin.

  3. That made me smile...knowing he was with you and that the kind people who found him called you. Rest in peace Marvin,loved boy.

  4. Lots of hugs from us. It's astonishing how such small bodies can carry such HUGE personalities.

    Purrs from Nicki and Derry.

  5. Angel Marvin was a sight to behold, and he loved you as much as you love's obvious! Hugs while you remember his sweet self.

  6. You no doubt extended his life and showed him great love in his mature years. What a handsome boy he surely was!

  7. What a beautiful long-legged house panther ! Thanks for sharing your memories !

  8. He is such a handsome little fellow it is wonderful he had a home full of love after being on the streets. Thanks for sharing him with us

  9. Sending a hug as you remember your sweet boy. You gave him a life filled with love in the time you had him.

  10. What a wonderful life you gave him! I remembered when he was at your office with you! It's so sad their time with us is so short but they give us so much in return. RIP sweet Marvin.

  11. He found a loving home with you and touched many hearts while here on earth. RIP Marvin!

  12. He had so much "bonus time" with you.. you were such a blessing to him, and he to you (and me.. I loved seeing him on your blog)


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