Wednesday, July 10, 2019

unpleasant surprise

A month post radioactive iodine thyroid treatment, Nahum needed a follow-up blood test to see how his thyroid is doing. He's been a lot more chill, more like his typical self, so we weren't worried about what the test might show. Although, lately we've seen him hanging out with his head over the water bowl, that's weird. He went in on Monday for that blood draw. Returning to the vets so soon after Marvin's death was painful as it stirred up the pain from Marvin's farewell. 

Greeter kitty always on duty
We received the test results today - his thyroid level is a little low, not uncommon we're told. We test again in another month, while hoping it levels out in a good place. The blood work did reveal a problem though, his blood sugar number was off the charts. Laura brought him by this afternoon for a re-check and it was also significantly elevated. Nahum has diabetes.

We're adjusting to this news. Marvin's passing gave us a well needed break from special needs kitties, a break we were hoping to enjoy for some time, but I guess that is not to be. Sigh. Now, I'm trying to learn everything I can about managing diabetes in cats. This is new territory for us. If anyone knows of any helpful resources, I would appreciate hearing about them. We follow-up with the vet on Saturday for one more test and to discuss treatment options. 

Receiving this news today felt completely overwhelming - it took my breath away. I stopped what I was doing and just focused on breathing. There is currently a lot of stress on our plate (which I'll get into in a future post), including the grief from Marvin's death. Sigh.  Deep breath.


  1. Deep breath, indeed! I'm so sorry for you! But you have to be strong, for them and ... why not, for you, because you have to take care of you too. Don't neglect your health, though.

  2. I know it had to have been a terrible shock. I am hoping that perhaps it will be a question of providing insulin for him. From others writing here on the CB, they seem to do well once the proper dosage is given and diet adjusted. I hope so, and I wish I could make it better.

  3. I'm sorry for this news. I hope it will be easily dealt with. I follow a blogger with a diabetic cat (his foster also was diabetic, but recently passed of cancer), and he did have some initial challenges in getting the insulin dose right and readjusting, but by and large things are okay.

    Remember to practice self-care in all of this, though. Often it's the hardest thing to do.

    Sending lots of Light; the boys send purrs.

  4. I am very sorry to hear that news. Our Zoe was diabetic but is now in remission. There is a wonderful Facebook grouo for cats with diabetes but I don't think you are on Facebook. Home testing is very, very important.

  5. That top photo of Nahum is beyond adorable! And I know that you are worried, but you've got this. Once a routine is established, you'll be on the right track, and Nahum will be humming along. And I've fired my old vet, the one who cared for our Chuck, because I couldn't go back there. I am thankful that I have that option.

  6. dood, we iz sorree yur nooze waz knot good...we noe dia beetez can be managed with treetment and even with yur foodz; if dad haza moe mint pleez ask him ta vizit:

    I Have Three Cats

    [ John is not a vet; but with the help from your vet and John's own experience with Tucker; you may get some insight///tips. ♥♥ }

  7. I am so sorry to hear about Marvin.........(your blog and MANY others stopped coming to me for over a month so I didn't know) I am so sorry. I am now sorry to hear the news about Nahum........ugh....praying they will be able to control it. Sending POTP

  8. Sorry you got bad news about Nahum. I know you will be able to help get it under control.

  9. That is difficult that Nahum has Feline Diabetes. It always seems that there is something to manage with our older fellows. This is a page we had from a long time ago so hope it helps

  10. is great resource. the message boards were very helpful when I was a part of them a while back.

    Stress can absolutely throw high sugars, so this might not be a long term thing for you.

    When you retest the thyroid, you might want to ask for a thyroid stimulating hormone test. It is normally done for dogs, but it was the only test that proved that Jack's thyroid levels were too low and his body was working exceptionally hard to keep his free T4 up in the 'normal' level. We ended up having to supplement him after his I131

    For what it is worth, I treated my own cat for diabetes for seven years and went on to take care of half a dozen fosters..


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