Sunday, July 21, 2019

weekend roundup

Nahum did relatively well this weekend considering the week. Our vet graciously has been corresponding with us over the weekend about blood sugar levels and insulin, helping us figure out proper dosage. We still don't seem to have a steady pattern with the glucose and insulin. His numbers have ranged between 490 and 53. We've significantly cut back on the dose size of insulin. Saturday morning he was at 109, by dinner he was 338, so I have him a quarter of a unit of insulin after dinner. Sunday morning he was at 338, so I gave him half a unit and by dinner he was at 53. I get the feeling his dose will need to be quarter unit, which is a small dose, smaller than the syringe is intended for. A little insulin goes a long way with Nahum.

Nahum's not pounding down the water like he was, so that's good. He's still asking for food and it's torturous not to be able to slip him a treat when he so politely asks.

We scheduled an appointment at Tufts, but it's not until August 7th, which feels like a long ways away. I'm still nervous about leaving him unattended during the day when we are gone working. I spent some time this weekend setting up the kitty cams that I used back in our old house to keep an eye on Oliver. I can check those to keep eye on him but will probably try to pop home when I get the chance.

I've not gone far this weekend, wanting to be home to keep eye on the Nahum. I was planning to attend Loon Fest, to learn more about one of my favorite animals, but I didn't want Nahum to be unattended incase his numbers kept going down. Theo has loved the extra home-time, cuz home-time means Theo-time!


Theo never was into tummy rubs, but years ago he kept watching Buddy get and enjoy tummy rubs. Then one day he decided to try it himself, he liked it!  He's not the tummy rub monster that Buddy was, but he does like a good tummy rub. Maybe when he gets to Buddy's age, he'll be a tummy rub monster!

There was time for Nahum loves too. He's been more affectionate again now that he's feeling better! He even slept with me on the bed all of Friday night.

He loves his box!

Weekend was hot! But Theo can't resist a blanket fort regardless of the temperature!

Thank you everyone for the purrs and prayers. It's so helpful to not be alone in this.


  1. It's hard to leave the house, when all you want to do is tend to an ailing (or recuperating) kitty! The Hubby has had to give me the 'boot', 'cause I linger and linger and linger. Paws are crossed that Nahum's numbers stabilize soon, and Theo, get more tummy rubs!

  2. OH this is good news...sure "gooder" than it was. And Nahum looks good too.

  3. I'm glad he's home. Fingers and paws are crossed that the insulin dose gets figured out quickly and he stabilizes. Continued purrs and purrayers from us.

  4. Purrayers and POTP to you and Nahum as you work to stabilize his treatment. Purrs to Theo too !

  5. We hope once his system becomes acclimated to the insulin routine his numbers will stabilize. Sugar can be difficult to manage so we are glad you are getting in at Tufts for a consult. Purring and praying for you and your family Nahum. Theo keep the family smiling

  6. I have to go to maine in a couple of weeks for work and I'm dreading leaving Muffin alone for that amount of time.. I *know* she'll be fine but my heart worries..

    Purrs for Nahum and you that you are able to figure this out and be able to relax a little more. Are you not giving treats because the treats are high in carbs or because you don't want to drift from the meal feeding? because if it is carbs freeze dried treats like chicken or salmon make great treats - says Muffin..


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