Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Thankfully, Theo is now home.

His jaw is fine, the problem was a seriously fractured canine tooth. He now only has one fang tooth on the top part of his jaw as the problem tooth was extracted. How the tooth was fractured is anyone's guess. Although it is not hard to imagine as he often runs around wildly throwing his body hard against things.

We also learned from the wear on the broken tooth, that Theo is older than he led us to believe.  The vet now thinks he is closer to 5-6 years old rather than the 1-2 years initially thought.

The other piece of information we learned is that his thyroid test came back higher than expected, which may explain his diarrhea, ravenous appetite and never-ending crazy energy level. Tonight we started him on a thyroid medication and are hoping it addresses these concerns.

It is good to have him home and to know more about what it going on. I am going to sleep better tonight.

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