Thursday, April 1, 2010


Cats can be demanding!

When Max was still with me, he was always demanding to be held and loved. When I returned from a days work, he would meet me at the door meowing away and asking insistently to be picked up. His purr motor, operating at full speed as he snuggled into my arms. He loved to be loved on. Only after his love needs were fulfilled would he express interest in food.

Nahum, Willow and Theo approach life very differently. After a quick greeting at the door they demand food. After dinners Nahum demands play. He sometimes drags a toy over to me or he will park in front of the secret toy spot and ask for toys. (The secret toy spot is where I put toys out of kitty reach, usually on a high book shelf.) He has learned to be very vocal when making requests. He makes all sorts of odd sounds. I need to capture some of his sounds on video and post them here, they are quite fun and always make me laugh.

Willow rarely asks for much. When her toy is out of reach under an appliance or behind a bookshelf, she will wait patiently nearby, her nose pointing to the location of the toy. When she is about to expire from starvation, she makes it a point to be underfoot, so I don't forget about her languish!

Theo it seems is always demanding! Usually it pertains to food, he has a very loud, non-stop grating meow. He goes and goes, wearing me down until I give in just to shut him up. I know I am reinforcing undesirable behavior. Occasionally, he will ask to be picked up. Lately, it seems like whenever I sit at the computer to work, he insists on getting attention. His demanding ways have a way of being less cute and more annoying. I hope that changes (both his behavior and my behavior).

I can't imagine what parents experience regarding the demanding nature of children! Yikes!

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