Saturday, April 10, 2010

update on Theo

I haven't posted an update on Theo's condition in a while. Basically, nothing has changed. He continues to have diarrhea, he eats like a horse and he still annoys the other cats.

I was hoping the diarrhea was due from his slight-hyperthyroidism. But after giving him thyroid medication for a month now there has been no change in the consistency of his poop, even though the lab work is showing progress in treating the hyperthyroidism.

So, the next option is for him to visit a specialist who will preform an endoscopy in hopes of diagnosing his condition. But before we can get this procedure done, he has to be off the steroids for 6 weeks. Thus, we have begun the tapering process, which will take several weeks.

It appears my hope that his problem would all be cleared up before the AAT evaluation in June is not going to happen. I suppose I might go forward with the evaluation and if he passes will wait for him to get well before bringing him into work. That means I need to resume practicing with him meeting unfamiliar people and doing all the things he needs to do to pass the evaluation.

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