Monday, July 26, 2010

Evergreen Cat Fanciers cat show

This past weekend was the annual Evergreen Cat Fanciers cat show in Bellevue, Washington.

There were six rings going all day and a lot of energy in the room. And there were a lot wonderful, well behaved cats! It is certainly fun seeing lots of kitties all brushed up nice and on their best behavior. Here are some pictures of what a cat show ring looks like:

This was ring 5

Here is ring 1

The winners in ring 1

From what I understand, each group of cats gets judged by each of the judges each day. After looking over every cat in the group, the judge select the placements (first, second, etc.) which translates to a point system. Three sets of ribbons are awarded in each judging, best out of the color group, best of the group and something else, which I am not sure! At the end of the show, the winner is the cat who gets the most points. Cat shows are certainly way more confusing than dog shows!

The benching area is where the cats are prepped for entering the ring. It is fun to walk around the benching area and see the kitties either napping or being primped. There are rather strict rules about not touching the cats to prevent the spread of germs and disease. I don't remember these concerns existing at the various dog shows I have attended, but that was many years ago.

The cat-housings in the benching area can be quite elaborate.

This is a Bengal kitten. After seeing these cats, we now believe Theo is a Bengal. His looks and personality characteristics are very similar to the Bengals we saw at the show. The Bengal show standard requires distinct black spots on the body of the cat, Theo has black stripes more than spots. 

This is a fluffy Maine Coon. He has big paws, lots of fluff and markings like our Nahum. The Maine Coon's ears are more pointed than our guy, but many of the other characteristics seem similar. Unfortunately, there were no Siberians at the show, so we couldn't compare the two to see which one more resembles our Nahum.

There were no cats that looked like our Willow. She must be a truly unique kitty! At the show, we learned of an even bigger show coming up in a few months, so stay tuned!

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