Tuesday, May 15, 2012

feral watching

Oliver loves his family.

At dusk each night, he eagerly waits on the front walk for one of his siblings to appear. MK and Oliver very much enjoy each other.

When MK shows up, it's a full night of play and good times, that often stretches into the morning hours before MK leaves to go back to wherever he sleeps during the daytime.

Seeing these two play brings be great joy. Some people like feeding the birds and watching them eat. I like feeding the ferals and watching them eat and play.

No question about MK's tipped status

I captured some video of Oliver and his family enjoying some early morning breakfast, using my friend Nancy's nifty little webcam setup. Sadly, I didn't heed Nancy's advice not to use the auto-focus feature, so the focus keeps annoyingly changing. Lesson learned. The webcam takes a picture every 5 seconds, so these videos are made from compiling all those still images.

I also captured video of another critter that appears lost in the yard. This critter is of the slimy, slow moving variety.

Slugs are everywhere here in the northwest, it's actually rather gross, because they are so huge. Step on one of these things in the dark and it makes a big sticky, nasty mess - yuck!

Buddy hanging with Oliver through the front screen door.

With the warmer temperatures we've been having, the indoor cats have been spending more time on the enclosed front porch. This means that Buddy gets to spend time hanging out with Oliver, his sworn enemy. Oliver has taken to napping on the concrete front step in the sun, just outside the screen door. Sometimes Buddy still goes berserk while, Oliver just ignores him and enjoys the sunbathing! Thankfully, Buddy is more often willing to put up with Oliver being nearby, just so long as he's not looking at him! 


  1. MK looks very well looked after. I'm like you. I enjoy watching cats play.

    Thank you so much for your purrs and prayers for Tutu. They most certainly helped! :)

  2. Oh how I love reading about Oliver, MK, your cats..just a pleasure to be here.

  3. What fun to watch Oliver's "family". Glad Buddy is mellowing some around Oliver.

    We agree with Katie--slugs are GROSS!

  4. Ditto the slug comments. If our mom had seen that slug in her yard, she would have gotten out her slug-killing brick. She's a dedicated gardener and slugs can really destroy plants. Mom has had bad experiences with slugs. UGH

  5. You went to much effort to do this blog, so I will comment. You have a cat habitat going on outside which is convenient. I like the stop-action super-speed cat movement very much. Perhaps Buddy will mellow a little. I think he needs to get into a scuffle with Oliver where Buddy wins, proving his position as Chief-in-Charge. I did not view the slug--hopefully he was not heading south. Another gorgeous day today. (I cannot figure out where my "face" has gone!)

  6. My human had to pass on the slug sighting. I would let it go on its sluggy ways..not too much into squish squash...However, I like the We are Family pictures! Nice in deed. And the last photo--I think they really do like each other, otherwise I don't Buddy would keep guard. :)


  7. Oliver has a nice family and a pretty nice life, mostly thanks to you. We enjoyed the breakfast video, and thought it kind of cute that someone decided to walk over and check out the camera at about 0:35.

  8. I love this blog. Love the pictures of Oliver, MK, and the rest. Oliver is a little stinker, isn't he? Taunting Buddy like a normal big/little brother.


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