Saturday, May 19, 2012

new bed and toys

For someone with no training in how to sew, I'm quite surprised at how much I enjoy it. It's tons of fun and a great way to play.

I recently finished up Oliver's new fleece bed. My goal was to make a fleece bed that would fit the loft space I built for him and it would have a sleeve on the bottom where I could slide the heating pad into it. I even put a thick canvas material on the bottom so it would be a bit more rugged.

Here is the final result:

The toys in the bed are the two that I made for the feral cats. They are similar to the ones I made for the indoor cats in that they are made of denim and have catnip inside!

Now that everything is complete, the next step is product testing.

The new bed is a success! Although, the final product came out larger than I had planned for, so it tends to ooze over the edge of the loft when Oliver stretches out. I'm still working on what modifications I can make to remedy this situation.

The new toys have also been a big hit. Every morning they are in different locations around the back porch, which tells me they got some good play. They are also now look well used! I'm glad they like their new toys, it was lots of fun making them with them in mind.


  1. You are the best Dad there is! Thank you for making that for a very appreciative Oliver. I think it looks fantastic and I would curl up in it if I had it. Love the catnip toys too. Wish my mom would make some for ME!

  2. How are Oliver and Buddy doing as of now? Detente yet?

    1. You are pretty talented Phil. That is very sweet making Oliver his bed. And it looks like you did a good job too. Of course, product testing does help. It looks like it passed Oliver's seal of approval. Nice job. And nice job on the toys.

  3. I love that you are making toys for the kitties and a new bed! Wow!

  4. You're a pretty cool dad! I don't think it matters of the fleece bed oozes, MOL! Kitties ooze too!

  5. Bravo to the best cat dad I know about. Thank you for your love and concern.

  6. Great job.... Cat tested, Cat approved! :)

  7. Good Dad! I think it's fine if the bed "oozes" a bit! It makes it look cozier. Lucy jumped up on my computer table to see Oliver's stuff. She approves!

  8. YAY new stuffs!


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