Thursday, September 6, 2012

Real Men ♥ Cats

My friend, Mary Ann, over at The Very Best Cats recently surprised me with a delightful gift! She is a skilled artisan who creates many fun and delightful animal-related designs that can be applied to lots of different things, like shirts, mugs, aprons, bags, etc.

She thought this T-shirt might fit me well, and guess what? She was right! I love it!! I'm definitely a "real man" and I ♥ cats!

Here's the design on my new shirt:

And here's some dude from her Zazzle store wearing the design:
Real Men Love Cats T Shirt
(this dude is not me!)
I wore this shirt for the first time at my recent crazy cat person party and got quite a few compliments. Everyone loved it!

Mary Ann has an online shop where this design and many others are available. The holidays are coming up and Meow Meow Bow Wow is sure to have a design that would make the perfect gift for the animal lovers in your life. Browse the selection at Meow Meow Bow Wow Gifts or go right to the Real Men Love Cats T Shirt.

A few of her other designs that I really like:

This one describes me well:

Yes, I am cat co-dependent! Is there a 12-step group for that?! Although even if there is, I'm not ready to do whatever it takes to change.

This one might make the perfect gift for Laura:

Although she might enjoy the Cat Yoga bag too as her official yoga bag. So many fun choices.

Thanks Mary Ann for the very thoughtful gift. I should note that Mary Ann in no way requested that I write about her gift or about her store. In fact, I think she was a little hesitant to give me permission to post about it.


  1. so why is that not you?? I bet you could model that shirt way better then any zazzle dude..

  2. we "heart" cat guys too..... nice shirt!!

  3. Cute shirt and purrfect for you! I'll check out her shop!

    hugs, Linda

  4. I LOVE to see that shirt and yes, real men DO love cats. I raised three of them.

    Katie's Momma

  5. You bet real men love cats - My dad is one of them!!!

  6. LOVE those! Gloman has a hard time admitting it...but I've got him won over. I think I should get him one of those tee shirts for Christmas!
    ; ) Katie

  7. We love it! Our Daddy hates to admit that he's a big softie where we're concerned. MOL!

  8. Those are some adorable designs!! :) I'll have to check out the store sometime. Thanks for sharing!

  9. these are great! We are going to check them out right now. Thanks for sharing!


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