Tuesday, October 23, 2012

first foster

Remember how I said this new brown tabby is just a guest, that he's not staying? I can honestly say that I'm not going to get attached.

Nope, I'm not gonna do it...

I can resist...

I might be able to resist...

resistance is futile!

Giving up this love bug will be difficult, but it's time for me to learn how to choose to give up a cat and grieve the loss. This seems like a critical thing to be able to do in cat rescue work. I had about made the decision to relocate Brown Kitty right before he disappeared. Part of me wonders if this new guy is related to Brown Kitty.

I'll work hard to see to it that he finds a good home. I'm still working on finding his owner, I put out ads today on craigslist and signs around the block. If his owner doesn't come forward soon, then he'll be adopted into a nice home where he will get all the cheek scratchies he ever wanted. He melts into a purring puddle when his cheeks and head are rubbed.

His purr is soft. He's very gentle. And the brown mustache around his mouth makes it looks like he got into some chocolate! He's way to sweet to be living on the street.


  1. (((purr))) (((purr)))
    He sure looks comfy being cheek and head rubbed :)

  2. What an adorable sweetheart! I see his chocolate mustash, that's cute!!!

  3. We're purring he finds a wonderful FOREVER home, Phil. You'll just have to resist, hard as it is. :-)

  4. I hope he finds people to love him very soon...those pouffy cheeks are perfect for smooshing.
    Jane x

  5. What a cutie. Thank you for taking him in. We have a kitty that comes to visit us about every other night. He appears too tame to be a feral, but unfortunately he isn't wearing a collar. he looks well cared for, so I'm hoping he is just call in Mario and not homeless. I'm not sure how to handle the situation. It will start turning colder any day now and then winter is around the corner.

  6. he is just precious! With the "chocolate" around his mouth you should name him "Hershey" :)

  7. As a foster flunkie I have to agree it is hard to resist. I've had better luck not getting too attached to the cats at the no-kill shelter where I volunteer.

    He's a great cat and deserves a wonderful home.

  8. I sure hope you can let him go! I think it's important for you to do that since you want to continue with TNR!! However I'm a wimp and would melt into his sweet paws and not want to let go. I know you will find him a loving home!

    hugs, Linda

  9. That chocolate mustache is pretty cute.

    I hope you can find him a loving home.

  10. what a cutie. you can't think of it as loss - it is all about SAVING a life and find him a wonderful home of his own - so that you can move on to saving the next life. There is joy in it - I promise!!

  11. you will not fail, you will not fail.. :)

    the biggest blessing for me in returning fosters is that I am open to take more.. and by taking more I am distracted from the ache of the loss of those who have left..

  12. Wow, he is hard to resist. I still swear he is Nahum's bro. Does he get along with the other cats? Oliver must have tipped him off that you were a softy.....

  13. He's amazing. I would come and pick him up and bring him home to me, if you lived closer.


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