Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hershey integration

The integration process has started with Hershey!

At first, he was a bit timid about coming out of his safe room, so I just left him be with the door open and the option to explore or not. After awhile his curiosity got the best of him and he started exploring!

He came right downstairs and started checking everything out.

Each of the indoor cats (with the exception of Rose) have met Hershey individually upstairs in his room and it generally went well. There has been some hissing and growling, but more sniffing. 

Before checking out more of the house, Hershey opted to try out the enclosed front porch first.

He looks big, but he's really small!

Hershey gets overcome with curiosity and goes exploring. He's not afraid of the other cats one bit even when they hiss and growl at him.

While exploring the porch Oliver came round, which got Buddy going so, the visiting was cut short and Hershey ran back up to his safe room. There'll be more time for exploring tomorrow, no need to rush!

And exploring gets in the way of kickerooing!

Hey you, with the flashy box...

stop writing about me and rub these tummys!


Well, I guess I'll cut this short, duty calls!


  1. He is adorable. I know Buddy has his issues with Oliver - what does he think of Hershey? Very curious to know, please share :)

  2. Awww I like this new handsome cat,purrrrrr meow meow.

  3. He is such a good looking boy,and by the looks of it has a sweet nature too.
    Jane x

  4. he is such a brave and handsome boy!! I am deeply falling in love!

  5. He's not on your sidebar yet!?! This boy is a keeper. What a sweet little guy.

  6. Love this little guy, he's got personality.

  7. oh.. we are in delight over the photo.. especially the last few.. dear one. great action. Wishing you all well. love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  8. Oh goodness, you can't give him away. He loves you Cat Guy. Actually, he looks like a great cat. What a love. So friendly and sweet. Whoever adopts him will get an amazing cat. (I'm hoping it's you and Laura.)

  9. what a cutie.... it is interesting that Buddy is gets so wound up about Oliver but seems (unless it is different) relatively ok with Hershey....

  10. Oh my goodness! What an adorable little sweetie! How can you resist those tummies! Especially when those adorable teethies are showing!

  11. Love your blog and all the cats.

  12. He looks like he is really happy and is fitting in well. He is really a good looking kitty. Purrs


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