Friday, November 30, 2012

Vermont Catamount

Whenever I travel to New Hampshire to visit my family I suffer though intense cat withdraws. On this recent trip I endured a whole four days of not touching a single cat. And somehow I lived to tell the tail. When I'm experiencing these painful times of feline abstinence, I find that the sensitivity of my feline radar goes up and I start noticing cat themed items or imagery all over. On my recent trip, I saw a car with a Vermont license plate with a beautiful image of a cat.

I just researched this plate on the Vermont State Fish & Wildlife website and learned that it's a special conservation plate, with the proceeds going to the Nongame Wildlife Fund and the Watershed Grant Fund. The depicted cat is the Vermont Catamount, which is now extinct, how sad.

Now I have another reason to move back to Vermont! I want one of these license plates with this gorgeous cat on it! Washington State, where I live, is lame, they don't have any license plates featuring cats. We do have a special plate with cartoon dogs on it that supports the Washington Federation of Animal Care and Control Agencies, but it doesn't feature a cat. Bummer for me.

Does your state or local licensing jurisdiction have any cool cat-themed license plates?
 (updated: Nov 30, 2012 7:26am)


  1. I was having trouble yesterday after just a couple of hours :)

    Maine had an animal welfare plate, proceeds going to be equally distributed between the Animal Welfare Auxiliary Fund and the Companion Animal Sterilization Fund.

  2. Michigan has a LOT of plates you can order, but none with cats. Their wildlife plate has a duck on it.

  3. we have a couple of plates here in Ohio - pet lover (with cat and dog) and cat lover....the money goes to a spay/neuter fund. Maybe the black critter is supposed to be a cat.... :)

  4. Nope Wisconsin has two plates with animals - both supporting endangered species. One is a wolf and the 2nd is a badger. I guess in WI we are worried about endangered species but not domestic species. Sigh

  5. We agree the WA state plates with the cartoon dog is lame! And everytime our Mom comes back from going out of town, she always tells us if she saw or petting another cat. And then we get lots of love. It's a great game. Purrs...from the crew at

  6. I just checked and my state has a new plate featuring a Tuxedo cat! I think it will be my new license plate when June rolls around!

    hugs, Linda

  7. Well...if you squint, that small black and white cartoon animal on the Washington plate sort of looks like a cat! Maybe they meant it to be a cat (it is the right size in comparison with the cartoon dog), but it came out looking dogish.

  8. There is a cat and a dog on one of the "vanity" license platres..cartoonish looking for Animal Welfare folks.


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