Friday, November 2, 2012

Oliver's Halloween

I can't believe it's November already! Seems like the year was just getting underway and here we are nearly at it's end. Crazy.

As I posted earlier, Halloween is one of those 'holidays' that causes me significant worry over the safety of Oliver and his family. Early on Halloween night, he and I had a long talk. I told him it was Halloween, a night when people are crazy stupid, and being a black cat out and about the neighborhood was not safe. I pleaded with him to be a good host and keep his family safe by having them hang out with him all night on his cozy back porch. I told him I would provide lots and lots of stinky wet food for him and his family to enjoy throughout the night. He just looked at me like I was crazy and rolled over in his heated bed to have his toasty warm belly rubbed.

This morning when I went out to replenish the wet food, I was greeted by Oliver and his two sons! I was thrilled to see them healthy and well! They were waiting for their daily special wet food breakfast and quickly scattered to outside the screened door as I filled the bowl. As soon as I turned my back to come back inside, they were eating!

Later in the evening, when I looked back through the pictures of the network camera on the back porch, I see that Oliver did exactly what I asked of him! He and his family hung out on the back porch all night! It's hard to tell who's who in these pictures, so I don't know if Oliver's little girl showed up too or not, I sure hope she did.

12:24 am

Pesky raccoons crashing the party, stealing all the snacks.                2:53 am

3:33 am

3:39 am

3:42 am

4:39 am

5:58 am

6:03 am

6:25 am
This makes me so very very happy! I just love seeing them all together, I wish all four had been there at once, but three is a delight too. I am very fond of Oliver and I just love how he looks after his family. I'm very thankful he choose my yard to hang out in, I feel it is an honor to get to care for him and to watch his beautiful family.


  1. We're glad everyone's safe...including the raccoons. LOL.

  2. We are very glad Oliver took your talk to heart. They look like they had a good time - even with the party crashers. :)

  3. That is wonderful! I'm glad Oliver listened to you. I don't let my tabby out on Halloween either and she has to stay in the bedroom all night while I open the door for trick or treaters.
    I love Halloween, but I am glad for cat's sake when it is over :)

  4. A night in with stinky wet food is a winner for most cats!

  5. I had a chuckle when I saw the picture with the raccoons. Oliver's family is obviously very wise about those critters!

    I wish all strays and ferals could have such a place to eat and sleep.

  6. We're glad Oliver heeded your advice.

  7. We have been waiting for an update on Oliver and his family. We're so glad he listened to you. :)
    Those raccoons sure are pesky!

  8. I think the fireworks of the 4th of July are a more concerning time for cat safety. Glad they are fine. Getting the 4 black cats in the same photo--do the math!

  9. I'm so happy to hear this too... I thought of Oliver on Halloween as I was in a pet store that had 1 black kitten up for adoption through the local Humane Society and they were concerned she wouldn't be adopted as she was all black. That led me to thinking of Oliver and hoping he was ok with this holiday. :)

  10. He's one smart kitty! I'm so happy he took your advice, LOL.

  11. It is great that you have a camera hooked up so you can see these shy kitties.

    Raccoons are always party crashers.

  12. Hooray, hooray. All were safe. I am so very glad to hear that. And see it on the cat camera. You take such good care of them all.

  13. Aw...I love black cats! I knew a little black cat named Oliver once. He was the best!

  14. Very good news. Yes we do listen to our parents, sometimes.
    Who was that black cat who looks a bit like a bowling ball? Or is that a camera distortion? Looks HUGE!


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