Sunday, February 17, 2013

back into the wild

I don't think I ever revealed the official names for Oliver's family, yikes!! My mind is slipping. So, first off here are the official names for Oliver's family:

MK remains MK

Pierre, Oliver's second son

Oliver's daughter, now Nora, who sadly, I have not seen for many months.
I hope she's been coming around at night and I just haven't seen her.


Oliver's now done with his antibiotic treatment. He was an ideal patient, very compliant - he never complained about his captivity in his cage and he always gobbled down his pills. I visited with him several times a day, letting him play around the room and when it was time to return him to his cage he never resisted, which made it so much easier to take care of him. He never cried or whined to get out of the cage, which saved me from the psychological distress. Thankfully, his injuries have healed nicely.  

Having Oliver inside for nearly two weeks gave me a lot of time with him and I feel I got to know him better. He is such a gentle, sweet soul. He makes the cutest little sounds to greet me each day, they just melt my heart. He has a strong purr that just goes and goes. He's very playful, clever and super easy-going. Out of all my cats, I believe Oliver is the most intelligent. He's amazingly perceptive and always seems to know what I want him to do even though he doesn't always do it! I can't comprehend how some idiot human could have ever abandoned such a sweet and soulful cat. 

Toward the end of his captivity he started spraying again - he was telling me it was time.

Choosing whether to release him back into the yard was not an easy choice, but in the end I think I made the right choice for him and for his family even though it causes me distress. 

I noticed that Pierre and MK acted depressed without Oliver around. During Oliver's absence they came to eat but they never lingered as had been typical. They rarely even hung around overnight. Amazing the immediate change when they were all re-introduced. Pierre and especially MK perked right up. Their energy seemed to instantly brighten and relax. MK has been hanging around late into the morning to spend more time with Oliver.

First breakfast after the happy reunion
Oliver will face more possible dangers being an outdoor, and sometimes indoor, cat which will cause me greater anxiety, but he will also be happier having his family to play and snuggle with. MK and Pierre are definitely much happier having their papa around. I love seeing them all so happy.

I recognize my choice to release Oliver may adversely affect the length of his life as outdoor cats often don't live as long as indoor. It's a hard choice between two unpleasant options, but at this time I chose an option that I believe will lead to a better quality of life for both Oliver and his family. I will continue to bring Oliver inside every morning for snuggles and I will continue to tend to all of their needs. Maybe in a few years Pierre and MK will trust me enough to handle them and then they all can come live inside! That would be the best option.

I noticed that I slept better when I knew Oliver was safely locked up in the room next to me.  Last night, Oliver's first night back outside, I fell asleep with prayers for Oliver's safety on my mind. It's time to resume my nightly ritual of praying for Oliver's continued safety and well-being every night.


  1. He looks like our Buttons with that nice white badge he has. Yes it is a tough choice but if you care for and love them outside can be workable. As you are a guardian for these cats they may enjoy the best of both worlds
    Thanks for the Very good works

  2. It IS a tough choice. We had two wonderful lovable barn cats (who sprayed in the house) for many years. In fact, they went with the property when we sold it; the new owners wanted to keep them as they were such excellent mousers! We heard through the grapevine that they both lived to a good old age.

  3. Separating him from his family does not seem the right thing to do, and you cannot take them all inside! Hopefully they will spend most of the time on your property, where their needs are fulfilled.

  4. It is hard - but he did seem to let you know he wanted to be outside with his family. You are doing the best you can for him - and it improves the life for his family as well having him there with them. While his life may not be what YOU would consider perfect, remember what is was before you took over his care....he has a protector in you!

  5. It is so hard to let them back outside. We know that Mr. Toes loves outside but since we have some very evil person in our neighborhood that shoots cats we have kept him inside. He is adjusting and he and Charlie are getting along better every day. I pray for Oliver's safety and I know how hard this was for you but I agree it is the right decision for Oliver and his family!
    hugs, Linda

  6. Ditto Random Felines. What we want isn't always a Being's Highest Good. And in this case, I think Oliver has the best of both worlds. It's not about life span no matter other factors. not for Oliver and not for any of us, IMO.

  7. All the kitties are so sweet.
    Sending good thoughts for all of them!
    xo Catherine

  8. What you designed me totally does respect ! Because I know you will do for his own good. Oliver is a lucky guy. And I purr for him for the best
    ((( hug )))

  9. With Oliver spraying he had to go back outside. His family will be much happier with him around. We can hope Nora found a family to love her.

    My parents locked their stray cats in the garage/workshop at night. That reduced the dangers the cats faced. Stinky canned food got the cats in there. They had everything they needed inside--including a fan in the summer and a heating stove in the winter :)

  10. We think you made the right choice. We'll join you in a special purrayer for Oliver's safety and happiness (which he has!) Glad to hear he's all healed up. Happy Monday!

  11. We have found black kitties to be particularly intelligent and intuitive. Our Thelma was. We sure hope it doesn't take MK and Pierre years to feel safe around you. We'd all sleep better if Oliver and his offspring could all live in the house. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  12. I am and will always be an advocate for 'indoor only' but not to the point where you are having an adverse effect on the quality of life.

    You are right that the predictors are that his life will be shorter outside, but you don't know that. Being indoors could depress him emotionally which would depress him physically. You tried, he has showed you that this is just not his thing, and you respect that, and as such you have my complete and utter respect for making that hard decision.

    it is the people who don't even try, who simply believe a cat is an outdoor animal period that bug me..

  13. You made a tough choice and the right choice for Oliver and his family. They are lucky cats indeed, to have such a caring human in their lives.


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